Experience next-level Contract Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Add our contract management solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to upgrade your sales process. You can streamline the entire contract lifecycle within the CRM platform. 

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Bring data accuracy into your contracting process

You can upload data from the CRM database directly into your contracting process within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM or CMS platform.

All the sensitive data stays safe within the cloud-based repository.

Users can create compliant and standardized contracts in no time with easy access to:

  • Pre-approved templates
  • Clause libraries
  • Contract repositories
  • Customer database

Accelerate your sales process for happy customers

Empower the sales team to monitor contract workflows within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform.

Salespeople can route sales agreements directly to their clients with built-in e-signature options to improve response rates and close deals faster.

A smooth-sailing and quick contracting process means enhanced customer experience. 


Integrate with the right platforms for better results

A one-stop contracting solution integrated with key applications like Microsoft Word, Outlook, Jira,  Sharepoint, and Teams to enhance your contract management experience.

Users can utilize advanced tools like e-signature and online redlining to simplify the contracting process. 

You can aggregate data across all platforms to create custom reports and improve sales.


Docks CMS Integrations
CMS-integrated Microsoft Dynamics  365 CRM Benefits

       Legal Oversight

Even with self-served contracts in the CMS-integrated Dynamics CRM platform, the legal stay in control over the contract lifecycle. The legal team can ensure the compliance and accuracy of the legal document.

         Client Input

Integrating CMS with Dynamics CRM, the sales team can include customers in the contracting process. All the invested parties can edit, negotiate, and sign the contracts within the Dynamics CRM platform.

        Fast Approvals

You can keep your legal agreements moving through the contract lifecycle with seamless approval workflows. The users can speed up internal approvals with customized workflows that automatically send contracts to the appropriate approvers.

  Improved Conversions

CMS-integrated Dynamics CRM system empowers the sales team to send out contracts straight to their customers from within the CRM platform. As a result, they obtain signatures more quickly and close more sales, increasing their conversion rates.

How to manage contracts within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM


Bring in customer data and templates to self-serve contracts within Dynamics 365 platform.


Utilize real-time document status and contract redlining for seamless negotiation.


Initiate tailored contract workflows on Dynamics 365 platform for hasty approvals.


Accelerate the sales process with e-sign options like DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and Sertifi inside CRM.


The sales team can utilize tracking function within Dynamics CRM to establish contract obligations.


Within Dynamics CRM, users can track significant business terms and contractual commitments. 


Advanced reporting metrics with a rich customer database lead to proactive contract analysis.


Leverage contract reports and cross-functional transparency to improve contract performance.


Get timely notifications within the Dynamics 365 CRM platform for contract renewals and expiry dates.