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We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specialized in business productivity, employee communication and collaboration solutions. With almost two decades of experience in building custom solutions on Microsoft platforms we have created a productivity platform leveraging Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. What we have noticed working with our customers is that many organizations who moved to Office 365 are not able to tap into the potential for employee communication and collaboration, document management and many other capabilities it offers. We help organization to better utilize the investment they made with Office 365 and reduce IT cost by consolidating IT solutions under one platform.

Our Mission

Dock's vision is to break down silos and get stronger employee engagement across your organization.
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What does teamwork look like for you today?

Here are some of the reasons why organizations are having a hard time to implement a collaborative work environment. File-sharing can be unorganized and hard to manage. Third-party apps can expose businesses to security vulnerabilities. Having your resources spread over multiple platforms creates confusion and lack of engagement for employees. And mobile solutions can make it hard to integrate multiple vendors across multiple devise and make communication difficult. We believe bringing everyone under one platform for sharing information and working collaboratively can help to mitigate some of the challenges you face today.

What value does Dock add to our customers

Superior customer support and training help your team ramp-up faster.  The simple yet engaging platform allows for quicker employee adoption and better engagement. Quick and painless implementation process with typical deployment times for our custom intranets in 4-6 weeks and our add on solutions in around one to two weeks. Free feature updates after deployment – when new features and updates come out from Microsoft and Dock we can update your platform at no additional cost
Dock 365 Inc is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

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Book a demo session with one of our SharePoint experts to learn exactly how we can upgrade your current SharePoint & Office 365 platforms into a highly productive and easily adoptable company intranet portal that fits your unique business needs.
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