About Dock

We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specialized in business productivity, employee communication and collaboration solutions. With almost two decades of experience in building custom solutions on Microsoft platforms we have created a productivity platform leveraging Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. What we have noticed working with our customers is that many organizations who moved to Office 365 are not able to tap into the potential for employee communication and collaboration, document management and many other capabilities it offers. We help organization to better utilize the investment they made with Office 365 and reduce IT cost by consolidating IT solutions under one platform.

Our value proposition

We are a creative, energetic group

  • Increase employee productivity through automation

  • Dock's turnkey SaaS platform with enterprise security, support, and admin capabilities allows employees to focus on innovation not administration

  • Better utilize your existing investment with Microsoft Office 365

  • Single Hub of applications connected within your Office 365 environment, giving you greater control of data security and flexibility.



About dock 365 - employees

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Digitalize your contracts, engage with your employees with our enterprise intranet portal and many other productivity solutions all built on the power of Office 365.