Upgrade Microsoft Business Central to Manage Contracts

Take full advantage of the capabilities offered by the Microsoft 365 Business Central platform by upgrading it to handle contract creation, execution, and management.

Get Business Central integrated with Dock 365 today!

Integration Benefits
Empower your teams to manage contracts

Quicker contract intake

The integrated system makes it possible for the departments to generate contract requests within Microsoft Business Central.

Shorter turnaround time

Centralized system and information sharing with the integrated system reduces the contract lifecycle time considerably.

Enhance vendor vetting

The procurement team can make use of procurement contracts and KPIs available through CMS integration to vet vendors. 

Import relevant data

Users can import customer and vendor data from the Microsoft Business Central platform to create accurate contractual agreements. 

Improve transparency

Microsoft's Business Central's integration with CMS leads to maximum visibility for the legal, procurement, and sales departments. 

Monitor compliance

With Microsoft Business Central CMS integration, the users get an overview of the entire business process to establish compliance. 

Minimize risk

Cross-functional collaboration and data insights empower organizations to identify and rectify roadblocks in the processes. 

Seamless experience

CMS-integrated Microsoft Business Central system makes it easier for companies to take care of vendor and customer needs. 

Prevent information silos

Integrating Microsoft Business Central with CMS paves the way for real-time information sharing across the organization. 

Solutions for every team
Accelerate contract lifecycle for optimized operations

 Legal Department

The integrated system enables the legal team to import customer and vendor data from Microsoft Business Central to generate accurate contracts in no time. 


Sales Department

By integrating CMS with Microsoft Business Central, the salespeople can easily access executed sales contracts within either platform to better serve customers.


 Procurement Department

CMS-integrated with Microsoft Business Central allows organizations to accelerate the onboarding process and convert profitable offers to orders in no time.


Finance Department

Integrating Microsoft Business Central with contract management software provides the financial team insight into contract value, revenue, payments, and expenses. 

Collaboration & Transparency across organization

Cross-departmental collaboration and communication is the key to effective business processes. Microsoft Business Central's integration with contract management software offers enterprises a centralized system for legal and other departments to collaborate productively.
Open communication & transparency through intelligent integrations streamline the contract lifecycle.

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Take contracts to the next level with financial data


  • It helps departments to leverage Financial Intelligence for better insights.

  • The integrated system enables organizations to access comprehensive financial summaries.

  • On either platform, users can go through purchase history, order list, and payment details within seconds.

    Take contract management to next level


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