Gain maximum value with Vendor Management System

A cost-effective strategy to manage all supplier-related activities in vendor management software for improved efficiency and long-term results.

Vendor Consolidation

Enterprises can aggregate all of their vendor information into the vendor management system for easy access and management. Suppliers can contribute through the self-service portal.

Refine Vendor Vetting 

Vendor management services enable organizations to maintain vendor scorecards to evaluate and record supplier performance using different categories and ratings that suit their needs. 

Build Stronger Vendor Relationships

Vendor contract management software streamlines the procurement process with an end-to-end contracting solution within a single platform. Self-service portals, automated tracking, and notifications available through vendor management services make it possible to keep positive partnerships.

Build Stronger Vendor Relationships


Self-Service Portal

Vendors can contribute by updating their own information and pertinent documentation through the self-service portal.

Centralized Repository

A cloud-based data storage to get all the vendors and related information in a single place for easy access and evaluation.

Vendor Questionnaires

Organizations can create custom questionnaire templates to collect specific details and updates.

Vendor Scorecards

Businesses can measure vendors at different levels of finance, performance, relationship.

Vendor Notifications

Monitor and receive real-time reminders on your vendors, contracts, their statuses, and performance.

Secure Storage

Reduce risks with secure cloud storage and permissions-based access for all your vendor-related data. 

Vendor Management System FAQs

How does a vendor management system work?

A vendor management system is a one-stop solution for organizations to manage their relationships with external vendors, suppliers, and service providers. Dock VMS streamlines and optimizes the procurement and management of goods and services from these external entities. It provides tools to source, onboard, monitor, and collaborate with vendors.

What is vendor contract management?

Vendor contract management is overseeing and administering contracts between an organization and its vendors or suppliers. Dock makes it easy for businesses to manage vendor contracts by implementing a vendor section within our contract management software. Within a single platform, users can manage the vendor and contract lifecycles.

What does vendor management software include?

A vendor management system, such as Dock, offers an array of tools and features to streamline the vendor lifecycle. It has a centralized database for storing vendor information, including contact details, contracts, performance history, and other relevant data. They have vendor portals to collect data and collaborate with suppliers and providers. Questionnaires and scorecards to assess and report the quality and standard of prospective vendors. 

Is vendor management part of contract management?

Vendor and contract management are two distinct parts of business operations. Contract management encompasses the entire contract lifecycle, from the initial drafting and negotiation to the ongoing monitoring and enforcement of the terms and conditions. Vendor management is a broader term that focuses on the overall relationship between a company and its vendors or suppliers, which includes managing vendor contracts.

What is the difference between procurement and vendor management?

Procurement is acquiring goods, services, or works from an external source. It involves activities such as sourcing suppliers, negotiating contracts, and purchasing. Vendor management is handling the ongoing relationship and collaboration with suppliers or vendors after the procurement process. It focuses on optimizing the performance, quality, and efficiency of the vendor's products or services throughout the entire contract or partnership.

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