Accelerate Contracts At Every Turn

No more manual tasks! Our one-stop contract management software can handle every aspect of your contract lifecycle. From drafting to negotiating to signing, make contracts a whole lot easier with a collaborative system.

Automated Workflows

Improve speed & compliance

We have workflows to automate and simplify the end-to-end contracting process for every department. You can get compliant contractual agreements across the line in no time. 

Track Contract Milestones

Never miss deadlines

Stay ahead of all your contract milestones and deadlines with our customizable reminders. You will receive timely alerts for reviews, renewals & expiration. 

OpenAI-powered Contract Management Solution

You can leverage AI support for all contract-related tasks within the Dock corporate contract management platform, including drafting, reviewing, and tracking obligations. Users can extract, compare, and monitor clauses in a matter of seconds, even for third-party documents. 


OpenAI-powered Contract Management


Templates & Clause Libraries

Improve the quality and speed of your business agreements using pre-approved templates and clause libraries. 

Contract Workflows

Automate review, approval, and signing processes with customizable workflows to get to the execution phase with little effort and time. 

Contract Repository

Improve contract visibility by storing legal documents in a searchable, accessible, centralized cloud-based repository.

Contract Redlining

Make contract negotiation effortless with online redlining to track changes in real-time across document versions.

Obligation Tracking

Businesses can employ automated tracking to monitor contractual obligations like essential terms, payment, and legal clauses.


Close deals faster by using e-signature applications like DocuSign, Sertifi, and Adobe Sign to execute approved contracts online.  


What is a contract management software?
Contract management software streamlines and automates the process of creating, negotiating, executing, and managing contracts. It is a unified platform for monitoring contract compliance, performance, and milestones throughout its lifecycle. Dock 365 provides this end-to-end contract management solution within your pre-existing Microsoft Office 365 environment.
Why is a contract management solution important?
It is an essential tool for growing businesses with an expanding contract portfolio. It enables businesses to create, negotiate, approve, and execute countless legal agreements within minutes. You can improve productivity and efficiency throughout the lifecycle, which isn’t possible through manual processes.
What is the difference between CRM and a contract management system?

Customer relationship management (CRM) and CMS serve two distinct functions in business operations. CRM mainly deals with managing and improving an organization's relationship with its customers and potential customers. It focuses on the entire customer lifecycle, from lead generation to acquisition and retention. Whereas, CMS automates creating, negotiating, executing, and managing contracts between parties, whether customers, vendors, or partners. Dock offers seamless integration with top CRM platforms like Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to improve sales processes.

Is contract management part of ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning solutions help organizations manage various aspects of their business, such as finance, human resources, supply chain, and customer relationship management. ERP solutions will generally offer extensions or 'add-ons' to provide contract and vendor management functionality. Dock offers integration with your existing ERP systems, like Microsoft Business Central or  Oracle NetSuite, to encourage organization-wide collaboration. It leads to two-way data sharing and contracting capabilities within ERP.

What can a contract management platform ensure?
Dock 365 can guarantee there are no delays or bottlenecks during any stage of the contract lifecycle. From automated workflows to pre-written templates, all ensure only competent contracts get to the signing stage. It allows for the central storage of all legal documents, making it easy to access and manage important documents in one location. Then there are automated alerts for renewal dates, deadlines, or other critical events to stay on top of obligations.
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