Fast-track contract management with automation

Dock 365 contract management software is a one-stop solution to streamline the entire contract lifecycle. 
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Automate Contract Management

Improve speed & compliance

Businesses can automate and simplify the end-to-end contracting process for sales and vendor teams with contract management software to get compliant contracts across the line in no time. 

Track Contract Milestones

Never miss deadlines

Stay ahead of all your contract milestones and deadlines with the contract management system's customizable reminders. Organizations can set up automated alerts to keep track of renewals & expiration. 

Simplify contract management with advanced tools

Take advantage of Teams, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Business Central, and E-signature solutions (DocuSign, Sertifi, and Adobe) available through the contract management solution to accelerate your contract lifecycle management process. 

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Templates & Clause library

Improve the quality and speed of contract creation with extensive selection of pre-approved templates and clause libraries. 

Contract Workflows

Automate the entire contract lifecycle with customizable workflows to get contracts to the execution phase with little effort and time. 

Contract Repository

Safely store all your legal documents and sensitive data in a searchable, accessible, centralized cloud-based repository.

Contract Redlining

Make contract negotiation effortless with online redlining to track changes in real-time across document versions.

Obligation Tracking

Businesses can employ automated tracking to monitor contractual obligations like essential terms, payment, and legal clauses.


Close deals faster by using e-signature applications like DocuSign, Sertifi, and Adobe Sign to execute approved contracts online.  

Our success stories
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Ray Fager

VP, Sales Operations - King's Hawaiian

"What I've really been pleasantly surprised with is your level of customer service. You have really great expertise on solving any of the issues we needed to solve."


Manish Kothari

CIO - Jax Federal Credit Union

"It was simple, easy, not too much technology jargon to communicate to some of our non-tech people. The Dock portal is very convenient to work with."