All-in-one contract management software built on Microsoft 365

Create, manage, and execute contracts in one place!
Experience automated contract lifecycle in a searchable, intuitive, and secure contract management system.

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Businesses worldwide rely on Dock 365

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Ready to speed up contracts? Enable your teams to manage contracts effortlessly in an easy-to-use platform

  • Contract Management Templates (2) Never miss another contract renewal with automated reminders.
  • Contract Management Templates (1) Self-serve contracts with pre-approved templates and clauses.
  • Contract Management Secured Take control of your contracts with enhanced visibility and workflows.
  • Contract Management Customer Support Dock experts offers unlimited support and training for contract management.

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Collaborate on Contracts with Integrations 

Empower all your departments—Sales, HR, Legal, Finance & Procurement—to associate productively for online contract lifecycle management(CLM) with our diverse integrations.

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Streamline Every Aspect of the Contract Lifecycle



  • Pre-approved templates, Clause libraries & Digital contract repositories



  • Contract redlining, Version History & Real-time document status



  • Automated workflows, 
    Authorized users, & Review notifications



  • E-signature solutions- Sertifi, Adobe Sign & Docu Sign,  
    Customizable workflows



  • Obligation tracking, Reporting, and analysis & Contract KPIs



  • Renewal reminders, 
    Expiry notifications &
  • Seamless renegotiations

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Dock 365 contract management solution onboarding take?

Dock 365 CLM system provides data-driven contract management solutions for scaling businesses. Our experts would get the contract management system up and running in around 5-6 weeks. Once implemented, users can generate, store, share, negotiate, and execute legal contracts from a single platform. 

Does Dock 365 contract management solution engage with other apps?

Our contract management system was built on the intuitive Microsoft 365 platform. Thanks to its malleability, Dock 365 can easily integrate with an array of apps like Microsoft Word, Outlook, Jira, Sharepoint, Teams, Microsoft 365 Dynamics CRM, Salesforce CRM, and Microsoft 365 Business Central.

What happens to the existing contracts?

In Dock 365 contract management platform, all the executed contracts and related documents are stored in a cloud-based contract repository. So all the contract data is easily searchable and retrievable. Similarly, any form of pre-existing contracts can be digitally transformed for easy access with our CLM system's OCR capabilities. 

What are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)?

Dock 365 contract management system's advanced contract reporting and analytics features offer actionable insight into contract performance, duration, value, compliance, returns, and so on. Enterprises keep track of these KPIs to streamline contract lifecycle management.

Are e-signature solutions safe?

For scaling businesses, e-signature solutions are the apt choice to stay ahead. Dock 365 contract management solution offers DocuSign, Sertifi, and Adobe Sign electronic signature apps to get agreements signed quickly. This encrypted solution is a secure and legal method to execute contracts online. 

Does Dock 365 contract management solution offer support?

Dock 365  CLM system offers unlimited customer support to all our customers. Whether you have a question or are facing technical and product difficulties, our experts will always be happy to assist you.

SharePoint Contract Management

Dock 365 contract management solution, built on Microsoft 365, comes with the superior proficiency of SharePoint to organize and store your contract in a single location for fast access. With our 365 document management solution, all files are available on every device for legal and record-keeping requirements.