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Dock Contract Management Solution Highlights

We developed a Contract Management System to improve how you handle your contracts and vendors. Learn more about the features we offer below.

Improved Efficiency and Risk Management
Increased Contract Visibility
Enhanced Search Capabilities
Automated Workflows
Power BI Reports
Vendor Management
Customer Contract Management
Budget Management
Contract Expiration Notification
DocuSign & Adobe Sign
Document Version Management
Interactive Dashboard
Quote Management
Vendor and Customer Contracts

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Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by our clients.

What makes Dock 365 Contract Management System the best option?
Unlike other Contract Management Solutions out there, Dock 365 Contract Management Solution is powerful yet simple. There are no complex settings, everything is presented in a very simple style without compromising efficiency.
What kind of support do you provide?
We are providing unlimited support for all our clients. Even after deployment, you will have full support and assistance from our expert team as required.
Is there a different solution for Vendor Management?
Dock 365 - Contract Management Solution is already equipped with a Vendor Management Facility. You can list all our vendors and all data related to them in respected profiles. Track and manage vendors from the same system.
Is there an option for financial optimization?
Yes obviously. Considering the fact that contracts and budgets are closely related to each other, we have set up advanced financial optimization, where you can associate your budget with contracts in each category. 
What are the subscription plans available for Dock CMS?
Right now, we are only providing a single subscription plan. By subscribing to the plan you will get access to all our features and facilities. 
How secure is this solution?
Powered by Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, Our solutions store data with industry-standard safety. Moreover, only authorized users can access the solutions.
Do you have integration with signature apps?

Yes, our Dock 365 CMS Solution offers integration with DocuSign to allow E-Signature facility.

Can we change fields and contract categories to fit our business?

Yes, you can do that within the system using the settings options provided.

Can we make contracts visible to certain people or groups?

Yes, the CMS solution permissions already work based on groups.

Can we control who is able to add contracts or only read contracts?

Yes, we can assign controls as per the requirement.

Do you have any reporting capabilities?

Yes, Dock 365 CMS comes with advanced report generation capabilities. Apart from the Power BI Reports support, you can also generate reports based on contract, vendor, contract expiry, upcoming, and vendor contacts.

Does it come with document management?

Yes, it comes with great document management capabilities.

Where is the data stored?

All data will be stored in SharePoint which is intended to store and keep the data secure.