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Contract Management Solution

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Support and Training
Control and edit contracts, track obligations, set review dates, review all components of your vendor and customer contracts, and more.

  • Manage vendor & customer contracts
  • Contract Intake Process
  • eSignature integration
  • Automated Workflow
  • Automated Contract Renewal Notifications
  • Contract Life Cycle Management
  • Unlimited Contracts
  • Full Text Search
  • AI-based OCR Capability
  • Generate Contract with Templates
  • Version Control
  • Clause Library
  • Obligation Tracking
  • Contract Approval Automation
  • Vendor Management
  • Vendor Compliance
  • Contract Redlining
  • Fully integrated into Office 365
  • Dynamic Contract Forms with Fields
  • Unlimited Saved Views

Enterprise Productivity Platform

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Support and Training

Dock’s turnkey SaaS Enterprise Productivity Platform comes with several different modules.  All deployed to your Office 365 tenant.  

*You have the option to buy individual modules too.

  • Enterprise Intranet Portal
  • Customer Relationship Mgmt (CRM)
  • Policy Management
  • Help Desk
  • Asset Management
  • Employee Directory
  • Workflow Automation Engine
  • Fully Customized to your Brand


Unlimited Users

Unlimited Support and Training

SafePoint is deployed to your Office 365 tenant.

  • Safety Incident Reporting
  • Audit and Inspections
  • Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)
  • Policy Management
  • Automated Workflows
  • Risk Registry
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Document Management
  • Integrate with Other Applications
  • Safety Compliance Management



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Need clarification?

How secure is the solution?

Since the solution is built on your Office 365 tenant you own your own data and it is secured with Microsoft Office 365  security.  If you are already using Office 365 or SharePoint group, you can use that to manage permissions.

How do you support your customer? What are your support timing and SLAs?

Our Jacksonville, Florida-based office handles customer service requests. Dock can provide support for any technical problems/questions, Microsoft patches, etc., or any minor customizations. We have a form that we can send you which details the SLA and timing for support.

How does the user training works? How many hours do we get for user training?

Our solutions trainer will meet with you and your team and provide step by step instruction and how-to's via virtual meeting. With our Dock Enterprise you will receive unlimited training. We also learning materials and training videos available for our customers

How often do you release updates to your platform?

We typically try to update our solutions quarterly which you will receive a notification if you are interested in receiving the update. Downtime would be minimal if at all depending on the type of update and the work required. A Dock team member will provide the update to your solution.

How do the security and permission work? Do you use Office 365 groups for permission?

We use SharePoint permission and we can help set these up for you as part of your deployment. We do use Office 365 groups for permissions.

Where do you store all the data ?

All data is stored in your Office 365/SharePoint online.