All-in-one contract management software built on Microsoft 365

Create, manage, and execute contracts effortlessly with Dock. Optimize contract management with collaborative tools, automated workflows, and constant visibility of contract lifecycles.

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Dedicated To Productivity

Build Contracts in Minutes

Contract templates and prebuilt clause libraries allow users to instantly build and send accurate contracts with ease.

Eliminate Bottlenecks
Automated workflows allow users to save time by automatically processing contracts through each stage of their lifecycle.
Centralize Contract Management

Collaborate in a single location with a cloud-based SharePoint contract repository, equipped with redlining, editing, version tracking, and more.

A Comprehensive and Proactive Dashboard

Gain instant insight on the status of contracts, expiring contracts, contract renewal timelines, parties, requests, tasks, obligations, and more in a single place.

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Core Features

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Create, store, manage, and conduct custom searches in a centralized SharePoint-based repository to save time.
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Use flexible and customizable automated workflows to move contracts through their lifecycle quickly and efficiently through reviews, approvals, and negotiations.
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Use a centralized collaboration platform to make communicating with contract parties during reviews, negotiations, and signing efficient.
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Use eSignature integrations with major eSign providers like DocuSign to save time on contract execution.

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Quickly build accurate contracts with preapproved templates, clauses, and auto population capabilities.
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Create and store common preapproved contract clauses to reduce negotiation times and mitigate risks.
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Build out and customize the intake process for each type of contracts to perfectly match its requirements.
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Use the Microsoft Teams mobile app to access your contracts anywhere at any anytime.
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Cloud storage, audit trails, permissions-based access, and SharePoint Backup are key components to keeping your data safe.


Ray Fager
VP, Sales Operations - King's Hawaiian
"What I've really been pleasantly surprised with is your level of customer service. You have really great expertise on solving any of the issues we needed to solve."
Ben Hippeli
Founder - Benchmark Training
"Working with the Dock team was so easy. The team was super flexible, checking points to make sure things are going exactly the way we wanted."

Equipped With The Best Integrations

Simplify each stage of the contract lifecycle with integrations like DocuSign, SharePoint, and Teams. Create efficient workflows, enhance internal and external collaboration, and boost productivity with several integrations to choose from.

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Contract Management Software Integrations

SharePoint and Microsoft 365 Make it Effortless

With your existing SharePoint and Microsoft 365 as the contract management platform, Dock leverages features of these solutions such as Teams, Power BI, and Power Automate to give your business the competitive edge.

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