Contract Management Software for Banks and Credit Unions

Dock Contract Management Software for Banks and Credit Unions enables financial institutions to achieve a consistent and automated approach to contract lifecycle management.

Contract Management Features You Can Bank On

Contract Management for Banks and Credit Unions
  • Comprehensive dashboard - Track contract performance and the status of all of your platforms on one page.

  • Customer and vendor contract storage - Collaborate and communicate with customers and vendors in a centralized location to streamline your process.

  • Custom workflows - Automate approvals, requests, and other processes with flexible, customizable settings.

  • E-Signature integrations - Internal and external parties can sign contracts digitally on any device, at any time with Sertifi, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign.

  • Detailed reporting - Monitor and filter individual customer and vendor contracts to make well-informed decisions for your contract management strategy.

  • Enhanced search - Easily and rapidly locate and store contracts and clauses with customizable and filtered search capabilities.

Custom Solutions for Banks and Credit Unions

Remove the hassle of managing financial contracts

With countless legal documents and multiple stakeholders - customers, regulators, and executives - contract management is challenging for banks and credit unions. Automating the entire contract lifecycle is the way to revamp any financial institution's contract lifecycle management.

  • Increase visibility and transparency
  • Reduce delays and turnaround times
  • Improve security and compliance
Contract Management Software for Banks and Credit Unions

Contract Risk Management for Banks & Credit Unions

Contract Lifecycle Management for Banks and Credit Unions-1

Risk-based due diligence for financial contracts

When it comes to banking and credit unions, there should be a high focus on risk assessment and management. That is why the contract management processes should include all relevant parameters to mitigate risks. 

  • Obligation Tracking
  • Contract Risks Reports
  • Advanced Compliance Check

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Data Confidentiality For Financial Contracts

Protection from data leakages

Contracts for banks and credit unions contain a huge amount of sensitive information. With Dock contract management software, institutions can store their contract data within their Microsoft 365 system. It safeguards significant information from corruption, compromise, or loss. 


  • Office 365 & SharePoint Centralized Storage
  • Role-based Access
  • Encrypted Contract Data