Contract Maintenance Software For Effortless Contract Management

Modern Contract Management Systems come packed with advanced features to streamline all processes with custom workflows resulting in competent legal agreements and lasting business relationships.

Digitize Contract Management Processes

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Automation through contract maintenance software allows your business to complete repeated contract management processes with minimal supervision. This helps your legal team to focus more on other critical processes.


  • It saves time, cost, and other resources.
  • Automated workflows to stay on top of contract lifecycle
  • Real-time contract data for informed decisions.
  • Centralized platform for end-to-end contract management.

Upgrade Contract Lifecycle

Tracking, evaluating, and updating contracts in various stages of their lifecycle is crucial. With excellent CLM software, organizations can automate each stage of the contract lifecycle for quicker results without error. 

  • Pre-approved templates and clauses for competent drafting.
  • Online contract redlining for smooth negotiations.
  • Customizable review and approval workflows.
  • Electronic signature solutions to speed up execution.
  • Automated alerts for significant events and milestones.
Docks Contract Maintenance Software

Simplify Contract Management

Contract Maintenance Software(CMS)

Creating and managing documents regarding hundreds of contracts for growing organizations is a challenging task. But with an intuitive contract maintenance solution built with prominent advanced capabilities, you will be able to get this done with ease. 

  • Smart OCR and AI function to enhance contract reporting and analytics.
  • Integration with Microsoft Business Central, Salesforce CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Stay Ahead Of Contract Milestones

When you have a proper workflow automated through intelligent contract maintenance software, you can take the right steps timely. Users will be notified about all necessary processes and events. 

  • Automated alerts for contract renewals & expiry dates.
  • Real-time document status updates.
  • Notifications for obligations and tasks.