Affordable Contract Management Solution for Non-profits

Built on your Microsoft 365 environment, our flexible and secure contract management system effortlessly maintains a nonprofit organization's goals, demands, and requirements.

Organization-wide Collaboration 

Dock Contract Management Solution for Non-profit Organizations

Manage High-volume of Contracts

Accelerate the non-profit contract lifecycle with robust contract management software to create, negotiate, approve, execute, and manage contractual agreements within a centralized platform.


  • Centralized repository to safely store contracts
  • Pre-approved templates & clauses for quick drafting
  • Bulk actions to scale contracts
  • Digital contract redlining for seamless negotiations

Maximize Microsoft Investment

Contract Management on an easy-to-use interface

Built on your Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams, the Dock contract management solution is easy to implement and adopt. It streamlines the contract lifecycle across multiple teams and departments.


  • Secure, centralized storage in Microsoft 365
  • Quick integration with Business Apps - Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Business Central
  • Electronic Signature Solutions - Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and Sertifi
Contract Management Solution for Non-profits

Improved Compliance For Nonprofits

Contract Management Solution for Non-profit Organizations

Entirely transparent contract management process

Take control of your contracts with the simple, affordable contract management system for nonprofits. With Dock 365, organizations can generate detailed reports to track and monitor their contract lifecycle to maintain compliance with federal and organizational regulations.


  • Configurable contract management dashboards
  • Detailed contract reports
  • OCR and AI capabilities for advanced searching
  • Refined contract analytics function

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Plan Ahead With Automated Alerts

Keep up with critical dates

As non-profit organizations handle a high volume of vendors, contractors, and partnerships, tracking crucial dates and contractual obligations can be a significant challenge. Dock CMS solution makes it easy with automated reminders.


  • Custom obligation tracking function.
  • Automated alerts for renewal and expiry dates.
  • Real-time notifications for document status.