Modern Contract Management Solution for Simplified Procurement Cycle

High-quality goods and services are critical in running businesses to all their might.
With Dock 365’s Contract Management Solution, you can handle all contracts, vendor information, and negotiations from a single platform.

Automate Procurement Contract Management

Dock Contract Management Software automates the contract lifecycle of procurement and purchases contracts made for developing business ties with clients, suppliers, or partners. 

Accelerated Contract Lifecycle

  • Streamline the collection and monitoring of supplier data 
  • Sanctioned templates & clauses to generate contracts
  • Automating negotiation & approval with workflows
  • Electronic Signature integrations to execute contracts 
Impact on Business Processes-1

Improve Purchases and Support Operations

Total Control Over Purchases-1

For your business to gain total control over procurement contract management, Dock 365 provides vendor dashboards and management tools. AI and OCR-enabled contract management software optimizes the end-to-end procurement process.


  • Manage contract terms, dates, and supplier information.
  • Contract Value to monitor the financial performance of vendors.
  • Obligation tracking to ensure compliance and governance.
  • Easily track expenses related to contracts with suppliers.
  • Certifying compliance with procurement contract terms.

Enhancing Supplier Performance Visibility

For smart procurement management, one thing your business need is enhanced visibility to all vendor data and contracts. Dock 365’s contract management software for procurement gives you all contract and supplier history within a single platform.


  • Comprehensive vendor questionnaire to evaluate potential suppliers.
  • Vendor risk rating for strategic procurement decisions.
  • Contract KPIs to track supplier performance.
  • Never miss deadlines with automated reminders for renewal & expiry.
  • Notifications for milestones and tasks to stay on top of the contract lifecycle.
Enhanced Visibility to Contracts

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Timely Acquisition of Quality Goods and Services

In addition to automated contract management and performance tracking, Dock's Contract Management Software for Procurement also ensures supplier compliance. Moreover, our customizable solution improves the bottom-line procurement cycle by enhancing productivity, reducing turnaround time, and better vendor management.