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Contract Management Made Easy

A business discipline in its own right, Contract Management is a key factor when it comes to a company’s strategic requirements and ultimately success.With increased business growth comes the bigger hassle of managing numerous contracts. Each contract brings it own set of parameters that need to be meticulously addressed and managed. Terms, conditions, renewals, approvals and the list is endless. 

We’re very excited to introduce  Dock's Contract Management Portal powered by Office 365 and SharePoint. Bid adieu to all your contract management hassles, compliance issues and contract inaccuracies. Focus more on your core business activities with Dock's Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution.


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Benefits of Contract Management Solution

Irrespective of factors like industry,business size, location, there are few things common in all businesses. For one, business operations heavily rely on the foundation of Contracts. Efficient Contract Management Tools can do wonders to your business. Right from improved workplace productivity to better spend management, the benefits are endless.

Businesses who use Dock's Contract Management Solution enjoy immediate gains.

  • Better Efficiency and Risk Management
  • Improved Financial Optimization
  • Increased Contract Visibility
  • Never miss a Renewal Date or Negotiation Opportunity
  • Enhanced Search Capabilities
  • Ensure Contract Compliance
  • E-signature integration  
  • Highly Secure


Dock Integration

Dock with SharePoint and Office 365 works wherever you are. Take your intranet on the go with a beautiful platform that works as well on your phone at the beach as it does on your computer in your office. Your business can take advantage of the InstaExpense app for your sales team expense reporting from anytime and anywhere in the world. 

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Why my business needs a Contract Management Solution?

Efficient Contract Management Solutions contribute immensely towards an organization. Whether it is about eliminating unwanted renewals, automated reminders, curbing legal expenses or improving spend visibility. Gain better control over your business processes and improve productivity by eliminating manual work and centralizing your contracts repository.




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