Intelligent Business with Contract Review Software

Contract review software, with its advanced AI and OCR capabilities, reviews and analyzes the significant details of a contract to gain maximum value.

Tracking Made Simple

Contract reviewing and tracking are crucial for organizations today to achieve true value from their business relationship. Dock contract management software's unique functions enable companies to review comprehensive data regarding each contract, along with the complete history and status of the activities. 


  • Automatically locate user-specified information
  • Customizable filters to refine or organize results
  • Comprehensive Contract Reports
  • Intelligent Document Tagging
Contract Review Software

Contract Information Extraction At Scale

Docks Contract Review Software

Contract review software enables businesses to extract key details from their contractual agreements at scale. With contract management software's advanced reporting and analytics features, organizations can transform extracted contract data into actionable insights. 


  • Recognize inconsistencies in legal documents
  • Establish organizational standards and language
  • Flag risky terms and stipulations in contracts
  • Identify patterns and deviations during the negotiations

Mitigate Risks With Contract Review Software

Eliminate bottlenecks from the process

  • A smart contract tracking and review solution will change the way your business is handling contracts.

  • Your business will be able to retrieve and analyze contract-related data effortlessly to identify and mitigate risks.

  • Organizations can timely recognize outdated or inconvenient terms in the agreements to avoid legal and financial repercussions down the line.

  • Contract management software's review capabilities make it easier for businesses to establish contract compliance and performance.
Intelligent Business with Contract Review Software

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Take Contract Review to the Next Level

Dock’s Contract Review System empowers organizations to derive the most from every contractual agreement. With these intelligent tools, businesses can manage contract-related tasks with maximum efficiency.

Obligation tracking: Assign and monitor significant stipulations in the contract. 

Customizable tasks: Stay on top of the contract lifecycle at all times.

Contract reports: Comprehensive summaries based on multiple factors.

Automated notifications: Set alerts for key dates and contract milestones.