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An Intelligent Contract Review Software to Track All Your Contracts

The biggest requirement of modern businesses is to have a set of intelligent productivity tools. These tools with modern standards allow them to manage various business processes and work with ease. Contract Management is a very influential area in most businesses. With intelligent tools and platforms, you can manage contract-related tasks with maximum efficiency. Contract management consists of numerous processes and activities. Handling all these processes manually takes a lot of time and energy. Especially when the number of contracts in your business increases, things will go beyond control.

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Contract Reviewing and Tracking Made Simple

Dock 365’s Contract Management Solutions is designed to match these requirements and challenges. Contract reviewing and tracking is becoming so critical in business today. Just searching for a contract and finding basic information is not the only capability you need. You should be able to review comprehensive data regarding each contract, along with the complete history and status of the activities. Let us give you a good insight into what capabilities a modern contract review software should have. 

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How Manual Contract Management Made Your Business Slow

Manual contract management is not new for businesses. In the early stages, most businesses might have used manual methods to manage contract creation, approval, signing, tracking, reviewing, etc. When the number of contracts increase, manual methods become painful. They will consume more time, more errors will happen, this will lead to revenue loss and loss of trust and reliability among customers. Moreover, it will make your business weak when it comes to taking quick decisions and making smart moves timely. That is when you realize that you need an intelligent contract management platform to automate, review and track all your contracts efficiently.

What Changes an Intelligent Contract Review System Can Offer

A smart contract tracking solution will quickly change the way your business is handling contracts. Your business will be able to create, store, and retrieve contract-related data effortlessly. Viewing contract history will be made easier, and you can also view all documents regarding a contract in one place 

When you choose a contract review system powered by Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, you will get to exploit all its features and capabilities. The quality and standards set by Microsoft through their services are remarkable. By choosing our solution, you get to experience those quality standards in your organization too. 

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Discover the The Functionalities You Can Trust.

Strong and innovatively designed contract review software can speed-up your business exceptionally. At Dock, we are specialized in generating business solutions that are reliable in all conditions. Book a demo of our Contract Management Software now and learn more.

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Dock 365 Is Taking A Step Further  

Dock’s Contract Rewview System will ensure that you get to use the best-in-class facilities and features. Our contract review software offers you the ability to request a new contract and option to add obligations to each contract. With these, you can assign, review and track obligation requirements for the contract and check its progress anytime. The contract obligations tracker is a must-have for modern businesses. You can also assign obligations and contracts to relevant people in your team.  

Furthermore, you can create workflows to ensure that all your contracts will go through the same path and required approval phases. The options to generate reports based on multiple factors and characteristics make reviewing and tracking contracts easier.