Minimize Risks Throughout The Contract Lifecycle

Risk is an inherent part of any business operation. Modern contract risk management tools enable organizations to identify and mitigate contractual risks to derive full business potential.

Eliminate Risks With Competency

Standard Contract Risk Management Tools

Improve contract authoring

Contract risk management begins with generating compliant and qualified business agreements. It protects organizations from legal, financial, and operational repercussions.


  • Pre-approved contract templates and clauses
  • Automated contract approval workflows
  • Auto-populate data for accuracy

Strengthen Contract Management Security

CMS Built on Microsoft 365

Minimizing contractual risks is easy with a brilliantly designed and secure contract management system. It enables organizations to safely store all their active contracts and relevant documents in a centralized location.


  • Save contracts in Microsoft 365
  • Authorized access to contract lifecycle
  • Electronic signature solution for secure execution
Contract Risk Management

Utilize Contract Intelligence

Contract Risk Management Tools

Improved accessibility to contract data

Control and transparency across a company's entire portfolio of active agreements can go a long way in improving contract risk management. A centralized cloud storage facility and an integrated comprehensive search offered by Dock 365’s CLM software help organizations achieve it.


  • Real-time document status
  • Advanced AI & OCR capabilities
  • Comprehensive contract reports & analytics
  • Configurable contract management dashboard

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Contractual Risks & Solutions

Mitigate inefficiencies with contract management software

Organizations are exposed to contractual risks and losses through poor contract management. Driven by Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, Dock CMS has sophisticated features to address process irregularities. 

                    Risks                                                                                   Solution

  Missed deadlines                                                 Automated reminders for milestones

  Lax access control                                       Role-based permission

  Compliance failure                                     Obligation tracking function

  Poor approval process                               Automated approval workflows

  Ineffective reporting                                   Custom contract reports