A CRM So Easy, The Deals Will Close Themselves

Dock 365's CRM is built to make the deals easy.   Contact and company management? Check.  Reports? Check.  A functional and purposeful dashboard? Check.  We've taken all the best features out there and implemented them  with our CRM.  Our goal is to help you improve customer relationships, drive sales, and promote more informed business decisions.  With completely customizable features, your CRM will be set up to work for you.




The intuitive dashboard shows an overview of the number of deals created, won, lost, and prospecting. The Quotes stage funnel shows you the different stages in an informative way to see how many potential customers are in what stage. This is also customizable, and you can configure the fields and forms.  Also accessible here are quick links to contacts, companies, deals, tasks, and reports.

CRM Dashboard
Quotes Stage Funnel

Companies and Contacts

The contacts page breaks down each individual with items such as their name, job title, contact information, company, stage and more.  While the company page compiles all the information in a breakdown per business.  Inside each contact or company, you can see the activity page with the full history.  There is also access to documents and the ability to call, email, and create tasks.


The deals tab will show you all the active deals.  The activities will update you on the latest information your team has done so no one is stepping on any toes.  You can also see what stage the deal is in.  This page also has the ability to update calls, emails, and tasks.

Deals  and Activities


With different deals comes different tasks for different people.  So how to keep them all straight so nothing falls through the cracks?   Easy!  Assign tasks to individuals.  Under the tasks tab, you can see all the tasks assigned and create new ones as the deal develops.



With no information, how do you make informative decisions?  This is why we have the report tab.   We have interactive reports to help you see how your deals are doing, giving you the ability to make those strategic business decisions.  

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