Manage Contracts With Dock 365

Our Contract Management System revamps underperforming contract management so you can save time and money. With advanced productivity and collaboration tools, you'll be fully equipped to rapidly produce accurate contracts. 

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Contracts are a major element to every organization. Contracts can be complicated, hard to track, and difficult to finalize, making them a real headache to deal with

Challenges that occur during contract management can lead to even larger issues down the line, so implementing an intuitive and powerful contract management solution is the key to managing your contracts, hassle-free. Dock offers that exact solution.

Our Contract Management System simplifies every stage of a contract's lifecycle. Contract drafting, reviews, negotiations, and storage are easier than ever with Dock.

Dock uses the power of your existing Office 365 investment so you can easily locate and refer to archived contracts on demand. 

Take Control of Your Contracts

Dock CMS makes it easy for you to build and collaborate on your contracts. Streamline how you manage the contract lifecycle from procurement to renewal. Securely share documents, negotiate, obtain electronic signatures, and track contract performance with our powerful, user-friendly system.

Contract Request

Give employees the ability to self-service request contracts.

Contract Notifications

Set up reminders for contract renewal and expiration dates.

Security & Permissions

Securely share and collaborate on contracts with ease.

Contract Generation

Build contracts from requests using pre-built templates.

Obligation Tracking

Track, manage, and assign obligations for each contract

Contract Clause Library

Store and access all your standard contract clauses.

Automated Workflows

Automate document creation, approvals, requests and more.

E-Signature Integration

Allows internal and external parties to sign contracts digitally to save time.

Vendor Management

Full vendor self-service portal with questionnaires and scorecards.

Why Dock Contract Management?

What separates us from our competitors is you don't need to learn a whole new system to learn Dock Contract Management. We build everything out using your existing Office 365 subscription. This way, you don't have to spend a massive amount of time learning basic system navigation. Instead, our deployment team can focus on showing you the advanced functionality and features we've added to your SharePoint tenant so you can hit the ground running.

Not only that, but we'll keep showing you as often as you'd like. When you buy Dock CMS you're also getting unlimited support and training for no additional cost. Unlike other companies, full support isn't an added feature, it's an integral part of your partnership with us. For as long as you're a Dock 365 customer we are invested in your ongoing success and growth. We are committed to ensuring you have the best and most up-to-date tools, resources, and knowledge you can use to reshape the way you work.

However, if at any point you decide that Dock CMS isn't working for you, you don't have to worry. We're not going to hold your data hostage. Everything you store in Dock CMS belongs to you. So there's no worry about having to pull the data out before any closure date. Instead, since everything is in your Office 365 tenant, you can rest assured knowing that your important contract data is safe and secure in your SharePoint environment. 

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