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A Finance Contract Software Like No Other

The Finance industry is facing numerous risks and inconsistencies in the current world conditions today. Although these factors are part of their business, it is essential to keep risks and struggle minimal in their internal process. Contract Management for Financial Services is thus significant in all means. Dock 365’s Contract Management Software is a finance contract software like no other.

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Centralized Storage for Your Contracts 

One of the most precious features modern contracting software provides is centralized storage. It is equally important to be able to retrieve the contract details whenever needed. Dock 365’s finance contract software is a cloud-based system, thus anyone in your team can access it from any geographies. It makes it easier to access contract details and assure quick decision-making. 

centralized storage for finance contract management
secure contract management for financial services

Secure and Confidential Contract Management

Secure contract management is what financial services and organizations required to achieve the desired result. We understand the importance of security and confidentiality in this sector and tried to make the solution most secure. Powered by Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, Dock 365’s finance contract software comes with the best online security features and standards offered by Microsoft. Your contract data will be safe at the same time you can process it with the utmost efficiency.

Manage Risks and Opportunities Across the Organization

Contract Management will face difficulties and risks when the overall processes are not securely planned or structured. Compliance is also a major problem if you are not having finance contract software with proper compliance features. With contract templates, and the ability to create custom workflows for approvals, Dock’s solution is ahead of the competition. Moreover, you can createassign, and track obligations for each contract to keep everything perfect.

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Get to Know More About Our Finance Contract Software.

Powered by Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, Dock 365's Finance Contract Management Solution is exceptionally built for modern day financial services. Take a live demo now to see how capable is out contract management solution. 

Finance contract software powered by SharePoint and Office 365

Get All Capabilities of SharePoint and Office 365 

One of the most amazing qualities of Dock 365’s finance contract software is that it is built on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Both these Microsoft services are packed with abundant tools and features. Version history, real-time collaboration on documents, centralized storage, exceptional document management, and easy settings are some of the highlights of these services.

We have customized these platforms a bit more to add more user-friendliness and ease of use for your team. Book a live demo to know more.