How Dynamics 365 Integrated CMS Drives ROI

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Dock CMS offer powerful solutions to manage business processes. Find out how Dynamics 365 integrated CMS gives you the most value for your investment.

Any business might feel apprehensive about investing in new software. There are so many factors to consider before taking the plunge. But what if a higher ROI was guaranteed? That is a good enough reason to make the change. Because companies are always looking for ways to increase their profits, and Dynamics 365 integrated CMS (Contract Management System) offers just that.  

In our ongoing efforts to reduce overall work and costs in various departments, CMS integrated Dynamic 365 is the perfect one-stop solution. They enable the organization to improve internal contracting processes by offering a single platform to review, negotiate, and sign contracts. But more about the benefits later, let us do a quick review of ROI first.  

All you need to know about ROI  

ROI stands for return on investment, the monitory value of an investment against its cost. At the core of any business is the drive to improve revenues and reduce costs. That is why we always need to ensure that every investment pays back in full. But the type of returns might vary according to the business and investment.  

For any organization, ROI can include improved efficiencies, reduced expenses, less effort, high profits, and so on. Clearly defining quantifiable indicators before adopting a new solution can help to determine its ROI. Let us see if adapting our CMS-integrated Dynamics 365 solution improves your CMS and CRM return on investment.  

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Does CMS integrated Dynamics 365 improve ROI?  

The primary function of a Dock 365 contract management system is to offer a platform to create, edit, share, approve and sign contracts. They streamline the contract management process for faster and better outputs. On the other hand, Dynamics 365 CRM has been the primary software solution for sales professionals for a long time.  

Integrating Dynamic 365 with contract management software gets you the best of both worlds. Employees can access customer data, sales leads, and the complete contract lifecycle on a single platform for optimum performance. At first glance, that seems like a fair trade, but let’s dig deeper. The positive impact of CMS integrated Dynamic 365 solution is as follows:  

  • Increased sales & revenue

Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM application enables the sales team to track and manage sales leads, opportunities, accounts, and customer data. And when the salespeople lock down a client, they need contracts to close the deal. The next step is to draft, negotiate, approve, and sign the contracts to make the sale.  

Naturally, if the sales team had access to the contract management function on the CRM platform itself, they do not have to wait around for the legal department. They can generate sales contracts and finalize the deal within their department.  

Salespeople can be more productive if they can complete the sales lifecycle, from lead generation to contract approval, within a single application. And consequently, the sales team will be able to close deals quicker. This increased productivity means improved sales and revenue.  

  • Reduced operation cost & time

The CMS integrated Dynamic 356 solution relatively shortens the whole-time scale of a sale and contract lifecycle. The employees can automate the entire process using customized workflows. Since the lifecycle is transparent, they can move from one stage to another without unnecessary delays.  

Also, the sales team can eliminate the need for legal counsel for every little thing. They can manage sales contracts from the get-go using CMS. It reduces the spending on outside counsel.   

  • Higher employee retention  

Adopting automation solutions like CMS integrated Dynamics 365 helps reduce the overall effort put in by various departments. It allows legal and sales teams to access all the necessary data in a single space, thus eliminating the need to move between platforms.  

And there is no need to manually input data or do repetitive tasks. Optimized business processes make life easier for different departments and improve employee retention.  

  • Better customer relationship 

Automated workflows lead to an organized sales and contract lifecycle. It allows customers and vendors to review, negotiate, approve, and sign contracts online on a single platform. They do not have to deal with the whole back and forth of emails to finalize terms. As a result, the customer's relationship with your organization in terms of contracts is remarkably improved.  

The CMS integrated Dynamics 365 solution successfully manages the end-to-end process, thus enabling the legal and sales teams to maximize business relationships.  

  •  Informed decisions

For a successful business, informed negotiations and decisions are crucial. When the sales and other teams have easy access to actionable intelligence, it boosts the returns. They can leverage Dynamic 365 and CMS offerings and draw data from different platforms to make informed business decisions.  

Customer trends, patterns, and predictive data available through the platform can help with negotiations and contract generation. They can effortlessly go through executed contracts to make strategic decisions moving forward.  

  • Improved compliance

A CMS-integrated Dynamics 365 solution enables legal and other teams to generate contracts using only accurate and updated information. The automated workflows and data will ensure that all the contracts are kept to the company standards.  

Since the contracts are sorted and stored in a centralized repository, all the necessary teams have access to them. While handling vendors and customers, the staff can get hold of the contracts within seconds to ensure compliance.  

  • Enhanced performance

CMS-integrated Dynamics 365 platform provides employees with a reprieve from repetitive administrative tasks. Thanks to the automated workflows, the sales, and legal teams do not have to spend endless hours on low-level tasks. This freedom enables the employees to focus on potentially higher-value work. The sales team can give more attention to selling and handling customers.  

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How does CMS integrated Dynamics 365 drive ROI?  

The integration of CMS with Dynamics 365 offers a seamless connection between lead generation, customer care, and contract management. Businesses can streamline their legal, sales, and marketing efforts to get the best results. Some of the features of CMS integrated Dynamics 365 that improve return on investment are:  

  • Automation

 The intuitive automated workflows provided by CMS integrated Dynamics 365 enable employees to manage the entire sales and contract process from a single space. They can schedule activities, send emails, generate, and approve contracts, and much more from the automated software.  

For instance, the legal team can directly download customer data from CRM for contract generation. This built-in automation feature can enhance user productivity and efficiency. 

  • Intelligent tools & shared data

Individually, Dynamic 365 and contract management software offer lots of tools and functions to optimize business processes. Embedded analytics, real-time insights, artificial intelligence, and machine learning-driven features can go a long way in improving operational efficiency.  

Moreover, the customer and contract database available through CMS and Dynamic 365 integration offers the users an added advantage. The sales team can utilize customer contracts and metadata to navigate the sales cycle. Similarly, the customer data can prove beneficial for the contract generation process.  

  • Alerts & notifications   

The automated deadline, expiry, and renewal notifications provided by CMS integrated Dynamics 365 can lead to efficient customer and vendor relationships. They also save money and time by eliminating unplanned and late renewals of contracts.    

  • User adoption  

It takes considerable time and effort to adopt a new technological solution. But since most businesses employ Microsoft Dynamics 365, the user adoption period is shorter. Its familiar and intuitive user interface accelerates the adoption process. This ease of use takes out the stress from the onboarding. The staff can get quickly acquainted with the CMS-integrated Dynamics 365 for a quicker CMS and CRM return on investment.    

  • Risk Management  

Using CMS integrated Dynamics 365 employees can automatically upload accurate and up-to-date data from any of the platforms. This eliminates the human error factor from sales and contract management processes. The continuous access to contracts by the sales and customer service team leads to thorough contract enforcement. Consequently, the risk involved with supplier onboarding is mitigated. CMS integration makes it easier to identify and rectify contractual and policy violations.    

  • Microsoft Integration  

The availability of a wide range of integrations through CMS and Dynamics 365 solutions is a huge advantage for businesses. They come with competent built-in tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Microsoft Office, and more to improve productivity and efficiency. This quick and beneficial integration with other platforms can guarantee a high return on investment.  


Change is a tricky thing, especially for a well-established business. But rest assured, the Dynamics 365 integrated CMS system has proven to generate strong ROI. Organizations can gain intuitive resources and tools from the integration to improve business processes further. Moreover, the automation solution supports all departments involved with contract management. It enhances operational efficiency, visibility, and productivity leading to improved return on investment.  

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