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How to Create a Free Contract Template in 20 Minutes

When a business contract template is established, then the other data to change from one contract (of the same type, i.e., Non-Disclosure Agreement) to another includes subjective party data.

There are several business contract document template free resources online. Some of the free contract template brands include:

  • Rocket Lawyer
  • Legal Zoom
  • Jot Form
  • Panda Doc

This article is shows the steps taken to create a Non-Disclosure Agreement in the state of Florida, USA, using Rocket Lawyer. Thereafter, a comparison of the other free marketing contract document template brands listed above will show the strategic advantages of each brand.


Step 1: Choose a Template Provider

In this example, Rocket Lawyer provides the created contract template.

Step 2: Create a Contract Template

Select the state which the contract pertains, and then click “Make document”.

Blog NDA template step 1

Next, use the calendar date-picker to determine when the Agreement will become effective.

Note:  today's date will appear until a different date is selected.  In this example, the effective date selected in the calendar date-picker is May 7, 2021.

Blog NDA template step 2

Click, “Continue”.

Notice that there is a draft contract document template at the bottom of the screen. With each step of the contract management template free creation process, subjective data fields are filled-in with the choices selected. For example, see that the effective date that was just selected in the previous step appears in the template draft “Continue” is clicked (previous step).

Blog NDA template step 3

Next question, “Who will disclose confidential information?”

Blog NDA template step 4

If a person, enter personal details. If a company, enter company details. In this example, a company is going to disclose confidential information.

Blog NDA template step 5

Next question, “Who will be receiving the confidential information?”

If a person, enter personal details. If a company, enter company details. In this example, a company is going to receive confidential information.

Blog NDA template step 6

Notice that the draft contract management template free at the bottom of the screen is updated with the data entered so far.

Blog NDA template step 7

Next question, “Why will the confidential information be disclosed to the receiving entity?” Describe the reason for making this business contract template in text format.

Blog NDA template step 8

Next question, “Will this Agreement include a non-circumvention clause?” “Non-circumvention” means that the receiving entity cannot do business with the giving entity without the giving entity giving permission.

Blog NDA template step 9

Next question, “Will the receiving entity be required to protect the confidential information after the term of the Non-Disclosure Agreement ends?”

Blog NDA template step 10

Next question, “How long will the receiving entity be required to protect the confidential information after the term of the Agreement?”

Blog NDA template step 11

Next question, “How long will the obligations of this Non-Disclosure Agreement apply?”

Blog NDA template step 12

Step 3: Create an Account to Save Your Document

View the document created at the bottom of the page.

Blog NDA template step 13

View additional pages as necessary by clicking the forward or backward arrows at the bottom of the contract template.

Blog NDA template step 14

Lawyer Fee Statistics states that hiring a lawyer to create a contract can range from $300-$1,000. If the lawyer is also hired to negotiate terms of a contract, the expense can range from $500-$3,000.

Contract templates are cost-savers, but also time-savers. When a business contract template is established, then the other data to change from one contract (of the same type, i.e., Non-Disclosure Agreement) to another includes subjective party data. Such data includes the giving party’s name, receiving party’s name, addresses, and the other data shown in the business contract template free creation example above.

Lawyer Strategy for Startups

Startups are often funded by the President. The operating capital budget usually has very little disposable cash flow after allocating funds for machinery, office lease, office equipment, marketing, logo graphics, starting payroll, insurance, etc. The budget for lawyer advice and making a contract template can be spent quickly when a lawyer is charging $400/hour while revenue for the new business startup is $50/hour.

Many small businesses will hire a lawyer to create a free marketing contract template for the first contract of a certain topic. Then, reuse that contract with other contracts of the same type, with other parties. Using an online free marketing contract template option is a popular choice, particularly because an agreement between parties does not have to be created by a lawyer to have legal obligation. An agreement is, of course, just as legal with or without a lawyer involved in the contract creation process.

Legal Zoom offers several contract templates, and other forms that are better communicated in writing than verbally, such as an employee written warning, letter of resignation, final notice, or a letter of intent.

Legal Zoom also offers quick contract template creation, with more detailed options. For example, a Non-Disclosure Agreement can be made in several formats:

  • Unilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Non-Disclosure Agreement

Legal Zoom offers descriptions which more clearly point a user in the appropriate direction. The legal advice is often canned and prepared in advance. But there is the ability to ask questions on the Legal Zoom website, though it is unclear the response time.

Jot Form

Jot Form offers to make contract templates with some layout garnishments, such as font customization, adding images or logo to a contract, etc.

Aside from the visual aesthetics, Jot Form has all the essential components of a contract in their templates. Jot Form offers other pertinent document templates, such as a quote (i.e., RFP), business plan, certificate, medical history. These are not contracts per se, but they are relevant, especially to the small business owner. Much like the Rocket Lawyer template example above, creating a document using Jot Form is user-intuitive. Follow the prompts, step-by-step, answering questions and entering data at each step. After all questions are answered, Jot Form provides the completed document template.

The choice to use Jot Form seems to be the preference for a visually pleasing appearance, especially to the first page of a contract. Jot Form also offers a myriad of options for sole proprietors that dream of growing their LLC into an S-Corp, or their S-Corp into a C-Corp.

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Panda Doc

Panda Doc’s niche seems to be single transactions for everyday contract template users, both in the small business environment and in the non-business environment.

The small business environment seems to cover quick contract template topics such as auto repair, graphics design, plumbing contract. These templates are likely more widely used by the mom-and-pop auto mechanic instead of Honda Motors, or a freelance graphic designer acquiring their first few clients instead of Fast Signs or another professional grade publisher.

The non-business environment contract templates available from Panda Doc seem to cater to non-business entities doing transactions with other non-business entities. Examples are a bill of sale for a car, car receipt, or a one-page sales proposal template.

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While a small company’s budget for legal advice and contract creation may be limited, especially at the early stages of the company’s existence, it can be more costly to a small business that agrees to a contract when details are not fully understood. Using quick contract templates from a trusted source is wise and can save time and money. As a small business grows and revenue increases to profitability, legal counsel can be used. Still, many companies use past contract templates again and again as a strategy to keep legal fees low.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is not intended to be legal advice; rather, all information, content, and resources accessible through this site are for purely educational purposes. This page's content might not be up to date with legal or other information.
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