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Enhance Preparation & More

Dock’s powerful HR system in SharePoint consolidates and organizes many of the time-consuming, vital processes your HR team carries out every day. Your team can respond to PTO requests, track the newest versions of benefits and handbook documents, and much more. 

Learn how to automate a large number of tasks required by various team leaders and other departments. Imagine your new hire having a smooth transition during their first week with an automatic on-boarding process. 


SharePoint Intranet: Self-Service On-boarding & Off-boarding


From Recruiting to Hiring


Our HR portal provides workflows that assist HR professionals with on-boarding from the very beginning. Track your recruitment process from the job listing to the resume to hiring.

Track Progress

Track the stages of the recruitment process from job postings to resumes on file. Dock provides a robust resume database to encourage excellent project management within the human resources department. When the occasion arises, off-boarding task management as well. 

Additional Benefits

  • Simple document management
  • Manage employee directory
  • Approve or deny travel and PTO requests
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