SharePoint Power App Add-On


Have you dreamed of automating your expense reporting with SharePoint and your intranet? Stop dreaming and experience an app built to integrate with your existing business seamlessly. 

We’re very excited to introduce Dock’s newest innovation. It's an expense reporting mobile application built on the power of SharePoint and Office 365. Integrating seamlessly with Dock or operating independently, InstaExpense transforms expense reporting, making it very manageable.






Dock Integration

Dock with SharePoint and Office 365 works wherever you are. Take your intranet on the go with a beautiful platform that works as well on your phone at the beach as it does on your computer in your office. Your business can take advantage of the InstaExpense app for your sales team expense reporting from anytime and anywhere in the world. 



Share with Your Co-workers

sales teams need a crm sales app


Expense Reporting: Simple to Use

Transform how your company approves expenses. InstaExpense works with Dock to create a simple place for employees to input expenses and receipt images. From there your managers can very simply approve or deny these expenses and send the response.