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The traditional approach to document and content management was one where it lived in its own unique silo, and didn’t really connect or talk to anything else.

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Independent apps with different user experiences handled social networking and collaboration. And enterprise search would be a different experience as well. In Dock, we really brought these things together into a unified user experience that gives you collaboration with project management, social networking and collaboration in the context of the content that is being managed. As a result, Dock provide the core capabilities required by most businesses with a standard platform at an affordable cost.

With Dock, content creation is easier because you have the tools to find other relevant information or people to help. You can collaborate with colleagues to build content together, search for related content, and share your own work to facilitate collaborative work. In short, Dock delivers capabilities to make it even easier for individuals, teams and organizations to ideate, create, collaborate on, share and discover content.

Unmatched Features in our SharePoint Content Management System


We also continue to deliver rich content organization capabilities such as leaving organizations in control of the policies and processes that govern content management.


Dock delivers additional features that enable organizations to better meet compliance demands. Dock’s unique ability to unify your digital assets under one platform can be transformational in better employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

At Dock, we believe that technology is only useful if it empowers your business engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations, or reinvent products and business models. And helps keeps your business data secure. With SharePoint and Dock your employees experience best in class user experience, document management capabilities and security without compromise.

Outdated or obsolete IT can limit a businesses’ ability to address key challenges and opportunities. If legacy technology is standing in your way, how can you get more out of your existing investments and acquire the other capacities you need, without breaking the bank.

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Dock works with SharePoint and Office 365

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