Manage your Digital Assets with a Marketing Portal


Stay Organized with SharePoint Intranet Portal Benefits

Organize your digital and print assets into their own section by providing assets associated with your brand identity such as commonly used logos and images. Marketing admins can upload the latest marketing materials for employees such as downloadable brochures. Employees can see information about a document, presentation, image, or video to include keywords, comments, author information, date created and copyright information.

Dock 365 allows your employees to check out content, set alerts, and establish workflows. In addition, you can organize documents such as reports, forms and more. It’s simple to create a new file or upload one that you already have into the system. Simply click the file and it automatically opens for editing using Microsoft Office 365.


See other views from the Documents Center and Social Feeds. Go directly to these areas to manage your company’s marketing needs. Review social media feeds and open posts to engage with them directly from your marketing portal.

Manage Your Visual Assets 

Dock's marketing portal includes, but is not limited to:

  • Brand Identity
  • Brochures
  • Design Ideas
  • Social Media
  • Web Content
  • Reports
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