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A SharePoint Migration Tool

We’ve created MyGrator 365, an uncomplicated and affordable solution to automatically migrate documents from your legacy SharePoint to SharePoint Online. You can stop searching for cheap migration tools and skip the complicated manual process of migrating your documents from SharePoint Legacy to SharePoint Online with MyGrator 365. A platform based on SharePoint with Dock 365 technology. Let your employees get back to work and let the MyGrator tool do the tedious work for you. 



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Migrate to SharePoint Online

Do you need to move your legacy SharePoint documents to an online platform, but you’re procrastinating because you dread by moving them manually? You understand it could take up a lot of your precious time so you want to find a better way, a more efficient way. We’re here to guide you to that better path. 

If you’ve decided that your business needs to migrate documents from a prior SharePoint to online, you’ll need to perform an inventory of the data your business holds. Decide what you need to migrate over to the new system. All potential data sources must be identified and mapped; failure to do so risks losing valuable information and documents. Consider the scope of a migration project. Define the task by the types of content and the amount of data along with the type of access required. To determine this, we recommend communicating with your internal stakeholders to ensure everyone has what they need moving forward.

Questions for Stakeholders:

  • What documents can be deleted prior to migration?
  • Do you want to keep all versions of documents?
  • What retrieval patterns are setup for access to migrate or archive?
  • Should you delete all the duplicate documents?
  • Are there any files you can leave behind?

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