SharePoint Policy and Procedure Management

Dock 365 offers you a modern, sleek policy and procedure management tool built to help you protect your organization.  Our Office 365 and SharePoint-based Policy management solution offers effortless management of your policies.

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Features You Can Trust

Interactive Dashboard

Navigate your policies and procedures with ease. Each tile shows you what you need to know to make informed policy decisions.

Policy Listing

The listing panel shows you all of your policies and procedures. Users can sort them by title, status, owner, workflow stage, review date, and release date. 

Enhanced Search

Don't get lost trying to find a specific policy. Dock's system uses the power of SharePoint to make it easy to find the exact document you're looking for.

Automated Workflows

Say goodbye to menial work and process delays. Automated workflows ensure that new and updated policies are reviewed and approved on time and by the right people.

How automated workflows benefit policy management
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Content Management

Collaborate on new policies and procedures like never before. Dock's system makes it easy for your team to collaborate on policy documents and move them along the approval process.

Secure Storage

Keep your important policy documents secure. Our system uses Microsoft's secure cloud servers to keep your policies safe. You can also manage access permissions and control who can see what files.

Customer Success Stories
ray fager pic

Ray Fager

VP, Sales Operations - King's Hawaiian

"What I've really been pleasantly surprised with is your level of customer service. You have really great expertise on solving any of the issues we needed to solve."

matt waters-3

Matt Waters

COO - AVA Studios

"A number of times in the past I've had to make changes to my programming environment and the Dock folks have always been quick to respond."


Manish Kothari

CIO - Jax Federal Credit Union

It was simple, easy, not too much technology jargon to communicate to some of our non-tech people. The Dock portal is very convenient to work with."

Ben hippeli-1

Ben Hippeli

Founder - Benchmark Training

"Working with the Dock team was so easy. The team was super flexible, checking points to make sure things are going exactly the way we wanted."

How Dock Policy Management Works

Clear Audit Trail

Our solution allows you to keep a clear audit trail of all your activities. This allows you to easily track where a policy document is, what changes have been made, and who made those changes.

All-Inclusive Design

Don't spend forever trying to learn how to use the system. Our solution is easy to learn and intuitive to use. You don't have to spend forever training your team to use it.

Interactive Dashboard

Make informed policy decisions with the help of our interactive dashboard that provides data-driven graphs and an overview of all your policies.

Complete Policy Listing

See all your policies and procedures listed in one window. See each one's status and sort them based on different characteristics.

Advanced Search

Utilize the power of SharePoint to find a policy within the system easily. Why waste time searching for a policy when you can find it in seconds with Dock's search option.

Enhanced Content Management

Collaborate on documents to create and modify new policies and procedure documents. Make your policy approval procedures smooth. 

Notify Policy Changes

Send notifications to departments when it is time to update policies along with all details required to complete the process easily.

Improved Communication

with Dock's Policy and Procedure Management Software, you can enhance communication with teams, thus making policy changes smooth.

Control Access

Take control of who can access each policy and ensure that the right people are editing it and you are able to restrict access to others.