Safety Management System on your Office 365

SafePoint offers a comprehensive safety, quality, and risk management system. SafePoint combines the tools and features you need to achieve a more secure and fulfilling workplace. SafePoint users are empowered to minimize risk, ensure quality, manage compliance, and build a safer working environment.

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Features You Can Trust

Stay Compliant

SafePoint provides tools that helps organizations keep up with the latest regulatory standards and requirements so they can be audit-ready at all times.

Powerful Risk Management

SafePoint helps streamline risk management so companies can easily and accurately identify, monitor, assess, and resolve potential risks.

A Safer Workplace

SafePoint helps companies build and support organization-wide safety policies that mitigate safety issues and ensure a safer and more secure workplace.

Keep Your Team Safe

SafePoint provides you the tools you need to optimize your approach to safety and compliance. Through a combination of automation, thorough inspections, incident tracking, and corrective action, organizations can drive safety and ensure the health of their workforce.

Keep your team safe and sound
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Take Control of Your Safety

SafePoint allows full visibility and control of the safety, risk, and quality management activities in your organization. Make use of the wide range of tools and integrations to track risks and mitigate potential problems. SafePoint gives users the tools they need to build and maintain a secure workplace.

Built on Microsoft SharePoint

SafePoint is built using your existing Office 365 and SharePoint Online investment to maximize your approach to employee communication and collaboration. This unique approach allows SafePoint to be powerful, affordable, and incredibly easy to use. 

Customer Success Stories
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Ray Fager

VP, Sales Operations - King's Hawaiian

"What I've really been pleasantly surprised with is your level of customer service. You have really great expertise on solving any of the issues we needed to solve."

matt waters-3

Matt Waters

COO - AVA Studios

"A number of times in the past I've had to make changes to my programming environment and the Dock folks have always been quick to respond."


Manish Kothari

CIO - Jax Federal Credit Union

It was simple, easy, not too much technology jargon to communicate to some of our non-tech people. The Dock portal is very convenient to work with."

Ben hippeli-1

Ben Hippeli

Founder - Benchmark Training

"Working with the Dock team was so easy. The team was super flexible, checking points to make sure things are going exactly the way we wanted."

How SafePoint Works

Incident Reporting

SafePoint makes it easy to record, track, and analyze safety incidents that occur in your organization.

Audits & Inspections

Users can easily conduct and store audits in SafePoint to assess and act on issues as they come up.

Corrective Action Plans

SafePoint makes it easy to build and assign corrective and preventative action plans (CAPA) to fix potential problems.

Policy Management

Create, update, and share important safety policies so employees are up to date on organizational standards.

Dynamic Reporting

SafePoint collects and organizes your safety and quality information in real time to help track compliance.

Automated Workflows

Pre-built and custom workflows allow you to automate important safety tasks and save time throughout the day.

Risk Registry

Track and organize any potential risks to your organization so you can develop plans for mitigating them.

Tool Integrations

Use SharePoint's wide array of integrations to combine all your tools onto one platform.

Secure Storage

Microsoft's secure cloud storage and permissions-based access allows you to keep your data safe.