Power of Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint’s out of the box features like document management, enterprise search, digital asset management, data security, data storage and collaboration are all key reasons why SharePoint is the preferred platform for internal employee portals. 



SharePoint Online Collaboration The Next Generation

With the introduction of SharePoint online, a SharePoint-based intranet portal is easily scalable to accommodate organizations of all sizes. Due to the considerable cost of hardware and software associated with local SharePoint environments, on-premise intranet portals are often cost-prohibitive to smaller organizations. Now that Microsoft has moved SharePoint onto Office 365, this powerful collaborative tool that was once financially out-of-reach now becomes cost-effective.


Integration with Other Products and Services

Integration with frequently used applications, Microsoft-built and others, offers employees a seamless user experience. SharePoint can be integrated with Microsoft PowerBI to provide users with powerful ad-hoc reporting and dashboard capabilities to create real visibility where it is needed most. Accompanied with APIs, SharePoint even enables developers to integrate their environment with third-party applications.

SharePoint Mobile App

Microsoft recently released its SharePoint mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android devices, allowing users to access their company intranet, documents, and other assets both in the field and on the go. Upgrade to Dock to get the pre-built CRM PowerApp here

SharePoint Security

Driven by existing IT infrastructure like Active Directory, SharePoint offers a caliber of enterprise grade security and compliance that is unmatched in the industry. 

App Employee Directory-1

Why Dock?

Dock comes with best in class user experience, superior content management capability (due to enhancements of the out of the box interface), better portal management, and pre-built SharePoint components that start addressing business needs immediately upon deployment. 


  • All too frequently we see companies attempt to implement SharePoint internally as an intranet portal and subsequently.
  • We tailored Dock’s user interface to create an enhanced user experience while taking full advantage of SharePoint collaborative and business workflow functionality.
  • Dock is a well thought out Intranet Portal that can be deployed within weeks while retaining a surprising amount of customization.
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