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SharePoint Intranet Portal

With Dock, we utilize SharePoint and Office 365 for your company intranet home page so that it's designed to flow with your brand standards and organized by your business needs. This is where every employee starts their day to access important news, alerts, and information. Employee's birthdays and anniversaries, new hire information is highlighted. Employees can find out what is the next interesting event in the company.  

The homepage can be fully customizable with additional components like social media plugins for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Yammer and more. Dock will upgrade your SharePoint into a content management system intranet portal.

Top 10 Intranet Features


The Carousel Panel

Also known as a content rotator, the carousel panel is a key feature of the launch portal. Along with video and images to communicate company-wide messages, there’s also a content area. This section will allow admins to broadcast CEO messages, quarterly reports and more.

Assets are stored in the SharePoint Picture Library for easy access. It’s simple for anyone to implement because your company doesn’t need an IT department when using the SharePoint intranet portal and Office 365 tools.


SharePoint Online Tools

This section allows your IT to configure applications by department along with a single sign-on capability managed by permissions. Quickly access to the areas you need will be customized for each employee for quick access and to deny access for more sensitive information.


someones sharepoint online tools


Additional Sections

Alerts is a section where admins can post major announcements or security updates for the entire company to see. You can change the color depending on the importance of the alert.

The Upcoming Events section keeps employees up-to-date with company-wide events as a reminder. It allows all of the employees to quickly see the events so they can plan for them. 


someones sharepoint intranet events calendar


The News & Announcements area acts as an internal company blog. It's simple to create posts with a simple form and use assets already in your SharePoint intranet portal. This is a great way to post industry related news, company events to share photos, and much more.  

The Let's Celebrate section is a fantastic way to make company-wide announcements for employee birthdays, new hires and anniversaries. Clicking the employee image takes them to the page on the Employee Directory to send them a congratulations message directly. 

someone on dock sharepoint intranet solution 

Quick Links

This section helps with common tasks such as HR’s on-boarding process as well as FAQs for commonly asked questions. Other helpful links such as Policies & Procedures, Employee Directory and Time off Request.

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