Dock 365 Contract Management Software Webinar

How to Avoid Common Vendor Management Problems

Tuesday, March 16, 11 AM EST


No matter what industry you're in, your organization still needs to deal with vendors. During that process, your company is likely to run into several common vendor management issues. These include getting the right documentation, analyzing SOC reports, and human error. Issues in the vendor management process can cause issues for your company in the long term.

In this free webinar, we'll be walking companies through the more common vendor management problems. We'll be going over common vendor management problems, the root causes of them, and how organizations can overcome them. If you can't make it to the live event, don't worry! We'll send you a free recording of the webinar afterward. 

Webinar Agenda

  • Common Vendor Management problems
  • The root causes of common Vendor Management problems
  • How to overcome and prevent common Vendor Management problems
  • Q&A with Dock 365

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Watch the webinar recording here