Dock 365 Contract Management Software Webinar

How to Use Teams for Contract Management

Tuesday, May 4th, 11 AM EST


Organizations with poor contract management lose 9.2% of revenue every year. That's why it's important for your organization to leverage all of the tools in your arsenal for contract management. A lot of companies turn to expensive systems and platforms to do so, but what if you could manage your contracts using Microsoft Teams?

Luckily you can, and we want to help you do so. We can show you how you can take Microsoft Teams and turn it into an effective contract management platform. In this free webinar, we'll be covering the basics of contract management, what tools Teams has to offer, and how you can use those tools to improve contract life cycle management at your organization. Don't worry if you can't make it for the live event as we'll be sending out a recording for free!

Webinar Agenda

  • The Basics of Contract Management
  • Tools in Microsoft Teams that Help with Contract Management
  • How to Effectively Use Microsoft Teams for Contract Management
  • Q&A with Dock 365

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Watch the webinar recording here