A Guide to Contract Management Integrations

A Guide to Contract Management Integrations

Implementing well-designed contract management integrations can streamline your contracting processes due to various functions and features that increase productivity and simplify the steps in contract lifecycle management. A great contract management system will create efficient workflows, enhance internal collaboration, and increase productivity.


A Guide to Contract Management Integrations

Implementing well-designed contract management integrations can streamline your contracting processes due to various functions and features that increase productivity and simplify the steps in contract lifecycle management. A great contract management system will create efficient workflows, enhance internal collaboration, and increase productivity. These items can be enhanced by using the tools provided by select contract management integrations. Save time, money, and resources with a contract management system that works with a variety of integrations.

What are contract management integrations?

Contract management integrations make for an optimal contract management experience. Integrations allow for efficiency and ease contracting processes by offloading certain tasks and actions onto various integrated interfaces. Simply put: contract management integrations give the business owner or contract manager the ability to use software over the span of various business solutions.

Examples of contract management integrations include:

Which contract management integration should I use?

We suggest using a cloud-based integrations, as they can be easily assimilated with contract management software. As the business world has modernized, cloud-based services have gained dominance in the integrations space. Software integrations that can mesh with your current systems, and will allow for a seamless transition for your team because they can use systems they are currently familiar with while learning the new software.

You can choose from several options of integrations to help create contracts and set workflows. Once contracts are created, approved, and signed, it’s imperative to have a central storage place for them in a single contract repository. Proper contract management software and associated integrations offer organizational tools to increase the efficiency of your contracting processes. Think notifications and automation tools, for example. The easier your contract management system is to operate, the more productive you and your team will be.

Let’s discuss some examples of common contract management integrations:

Single Sign On Integration (SSO)

Single Sign ON (SSO) is an integration used in all fields of industry and business, as well as professional and educational organizations today. SSO keeps passwords in a central management system for all software applications. For example, if someone leaves your organization, rather than having to remove their access to several technological systems manually, simply shut off access in one place using SSO. For efficiency and security, SSO is a wonderful contract integration option.

Application Programming Interface Integration (API)

Another integration that will be necessary for your contract management success is an Application Programming Interface (API). API is a programmed code that the creator can share with a company, allowing them to partner with their software and work together cohesively. By using an API, your contract management software can connect to various systems according to your business needs and objectives.

A proper API enables you to connect to systems like a CRM without an exorbitant cost attached. The Dock 365 Contract Management System utilizes the Sertifi eSignature solution. With this contract management integration, the Dock 365 CMS leverages the e-signature capabilities by way of APIs from Sertifi, Adobe Sign, and DocuSign.

For more information on Sertifi API codes, click here.

Core Features of cms

Sertifi eSignature Integration

Sertifi eSignature is built into your contract management software through a Sertifi API provided by Sertifi. Once you have added the eSertifi API codes to your contract management software coding base, you can easily add the Sertifi eSignature feature to various contracts, Microsoft Word documents, and other related forms that require a signature. Common examples of documents that often require eSignature include house purchase offers, restaurant customer bills, grocery purchases, auto repair orders, and mortgage loan refinancing documents.

For more on all things e-signature and for details on ten featured e-signature integrations, click here.

The Dock 365 Contract Management System (CMS) uses Sertifi because it offers a single secure platform for your documents, agreements, contracts, and other pertinent forms. Sertifi serves thousands of clients globally, and the system is comprised of many notable features, including (but not limited to): secure storage, flexible workflows, user management, and real-time notifications. The Sertifi eSignature solution will cost your business $150 per month for five users. To add additional users, you can do so for a $30 monthly upcharge.

The Sertifi eSignature solution enables you to deliver unlimited documents for eSignature. Additionally, it gives you access to various integrations with the Dock 365 Contract Management System, as well as with Conga, Zuora, Salesforce, and more. Sertifi gives you special properties such as customizable user permission levels, customizable branding, customer support, collaboration tools, a document library, and an exclusive customer service success manager.

Google Drive Integration

Businesses worldwide have integrated Google Drive into their contract management systems to allow for effortless collaboration on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in a central location. Leveraging Google Drive’s many features can help your team store signed contracts instantaneously and automatically. In this way, you greatly reduce the need to manually type file names and transfer documents to various folders. From your Google Drive Integration, you can collect signatures quickly and send contracts for review easily. These features, among many others, can improve your contract management process drastically.

Okta Integration

Okta is an option for sending off pre-integrated applications to users by authenticating users through Okta as a user store or by using your own store. This software is unique because it offers both native and web-originating apps. Okta is an identity cloud software system that is optimal for enterprise-grade organizations and businesses. The system links all devices, apps, and logins to a central online database – creating an effective and time-efficient solution for your business.

The Key to Contract Management Integrations: Less Is More

A key to remember when it comes to contract management integrations: Less is more. If you implement too many integrations too fast, especially if the integrations chosen are especially complex, it will require more time and attention to get the systems running properly.

You want to be able to implement your integration solutions as efficiently as possible for your contract management team and reduce setup time, expenses, and the need for ongoing attention towards the new integration. Choose your integrations wisely rather than create a deeply integrated contract management system so implementation is rapid, manageable, and so your IT team is not in over their heads.

Simplify the Accessibility of Your Contract Management Integrations

Ensure your contract management team can flawlessly maneuver through the various integrations you have implemented. It is imperative that your team can find every contract within the contract management system so that they can save time and resources across the board. Contract management software streamlines the organization of contracts; however, contract management integrations will take the searchability of your contracts to another level.

As a contract manger or business owner, you can enable or disable access to various features and selected contracts with upper or master-level permissions. In this way, you simplify the searching process for contracts and related documents for certain employees or teams/groups. Certainly, ease of access of contracts and contract storage is optimal on an online interface because contracts can be accessed at any time, any place. Time zones are no longer a source of headaches and time wasted because all team members can access contracts whenever they need, wherever they are.

While written contracts are still in practice and likely will continue to be created, the development of contract management software, contract management integrations, and various online contracting tools and solutions have given contracting firms and business owners the upper hand in productivity, turnaround times, and efficiency in their systems. The technological advancements of today have enabled us to create, approve, and execute digital contracts at any time, anywhere on the planet.

Consider Your Contract Management Needs and Objectives

Prior to adding a plethora of contract management integrations to your current contract management system, consider what your business needs are and where the forks in the road occur in your current contracting processes.

Where might there be delays?



Is complex workflow a need?

Take adoption risk, implementation times and costs, and integration complexity into consideration when selecting the right contract management integrations for your contract management software system.

Keep it simple, increase productivity, and integrate with the programs utilized most consistently.

Many contract management software systems allow the user to sync, send, and receive data from your contract lifecycle management systems (CLM) and customer relationship management systems (CRM). By adopting contract management integrations that seamlessly work in tandem with your existing contracting software, you can necessitate an easy transition for your entire contract management team and ensure that they can use the integrations properly.


Contract management integrations are necessary to creating optimal rates of productivity and to maximizing the results of your business and contract-based objectives. Leveraging the capabilities of various integrations can create maximal efficiency and enhance organization in your company by giving you the ability to manage contracts in a central place. Your contract management team can continue using previous services and learn new contract management integrations at the same time due to how compatible these integrations are with the majority of business software solutions.

It is well understood that the contract management process can be rather lengthy and require much detail from numerous people and parties for a single document. With contract management integrations, you can save previous time and allocate your resources to the appropriate steps in the contract lifecycle with the help of integrations. Your business objectives will become more attainable with the risk mitigation, cost-effectiveness, and productivity-boosting nature of contract management integration solutions. Maximize your business’s progress and jumpstart the road to hitting key goals by employing contract management integrations today by clicking here.

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