An Introduction to Digital Contract Management Software

An Introduction to Digital Contract Management Software

Our Contract Management System gives you the power to streamline and optimize contract management on your SharePoint tenant.

With the correct software solution, you can conduct all of your contract management operations in a centralized location. Editing contracts, tracking obligations, and all other components of contract management have never been easier. Throughout the entirety of a contract’s lifecycle, you can oversee and manage every single step.


Overseeing contracts and their status within their lifecycles is made simple. Within your centralized, cloud-based contract repository, you can easily manage, store, and search for contracts and associated documents. A contract template and clause template library are also included, where you have preapproved contract and clause templates to make building agreements streamlined and efficient. Set automated reminders, alerts, and notifications so your team keeps track of deadlines and renewal or expiry dates. With SharePoint Backup and SharePoint restore, you’ll never have to worry about losing critical data again. On our platform, you can track obligations with the help of audit trails and automated reminders. Version tracking and locating documents is incredibly simple with audit trails. These are just a few pieces to the large puzzle that is contract lifecycle management and the best kind of software that can help you boost performance for your business’s contract management needs.

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The Importance of Visibility and Transparency in Digital Contract Management

Visibility and transparency are very important to effective and compliant contract management. Without these two elements, your business may face additional challenges. Insufficient levels of visibility and transparency lead to increased risk and miscommunication. Visibility is key to knowing where contracts are located within their lifecycles, and transparency is key to organizational awareness and proper contract tracking.

In digital contract management, its essential to have high levels of visibility and transparency for your business. Dock 365 offers just that – and more.


Creating Contracts

Building contracts is remarkably easy with our Contract Management System. With automated workflows, you can draft and build accurate contracts effortlessly. With preapproved contract templates, you can create contracts quickly with auto populated data fields and templates that vary based on contract type. With contract management software, a preapproved contract template library provides you several templates inclusive of standardized legal language. Each template can be customized according to the unique specifications of each agreement. Contract management software make contract creation extraordinarily simple and fast. Our SharePoint-based contract lifecycle management solution employs automated contract workflows to increase time-efficiency in this step of contract management. Fast and accurate contract building means fasted contract lifecycles and maximized performance.



Collaboration and communication are greatly improved by implementing contract management software. Because our contract management solution centralizes every stage of contract management in a single place, you can receive all client information at the beginning of a contract lifecycle in the contract intake and request step in an organized fashion. And later during negotiations and approvals, communication is continually enhanced by workflow automation, where redlining, “@” mentions, email integration, and other features are available for all involved parties – creating an efficient platform perfectly suited for collaborative efforts.

Navigating through contract lifecycles is far easier when there is effective communication in place that allows for better collaboration. Automated workflows (which will be discussed below) help with cross-department and business-to-client/vendor communication and collaboration. Additionally, risk also decreases when there are measures in place that improve collaboration and communication. One of these measures includes our technology’s ability to offer real-time versions of the document, including its latest changes and iterations.


Obligation Tracking Made Easy

The Dock 365 Contract Management System is equipped with a user-friendly dashboard that provides you with every piece of information and data point regarding your business’s contract management processes. Finding errors and developing solutions quickly is incredibly easy when the important information is at your fingertips. The cloud-based contract repository has automated reminders that you can enable to keep tabs on important obligations, dates, and deadlines.

Tracking obligations with automated alerts helps you stay proactive and risk-preventative when considering both obvious and hidden contractual risks. There are several critical obligations that must be followed when working with contracts, and failing to meet such obligations can mean penalties and a downgraded reputation. Our system allows you to track obligations in a timely and organized manner, so you never have to worry about repercussions.

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eSignature is an incredibly easy and fast way to collect signatures for contracts and legal agreements. eSignature allows signers to sign documents at any time, on any device, in any place. There are several electronic signature solutions available that your business can leverage to reduce turnaround times, increase efficiency, and boost client satisfaction. Dock 365 utilizes the Sertifi eSignature integration within our Contract Management System to give your company the edge over competitors. eSignature allows you safely gather legal signatures, securely identify signers, and accurately store documents and contracts that have been signed. An eSignature integration is an important component to a contract management software system because it dramatically increases the speed and productivity of contract lifecycles – improving your product/service overall.


Efficient Search Functionalities

Have you ever struggled to find a contract or a specific clause within your current contract storage system? Our cloud-based, centralized contract repository built onto your SharePoint tenant allows you to create custom filters and search for any minute detail. Save customized filters so you can conduct similar searches later and find exactly what you need. Our contract tracking platform empowers your contract management team with organization and time-efficiency all around.


Readily Available Data

One of the most notable features of the Dock 365 Contract Management System the user-friendly dashboard that shows you insights of easily searchable and readily available contract data. Review key metrics and make informed decisions as you move forward with all of the data within reach. Conduct data analysis simply and set your business up for continued success. On our platform, you can pull custom reports, identify risks, and stay fully informed of every component in your contract tracking platform. With data and analytics at your disposal, you can make the right moves that will result in business optimization and goal attainment.


Custom Reports

Our contract management software is equipped with workflow automation with custom reporting features. By generating custom reports, you can gain valuable insights on where to improve within your operations. Identify areas of potential, areas of risk, and areas of success, then take appropriate actions moving forward for the betterment of your business. A clear and customizable reporting facility in your contract management software allows you to identify and mitigate risk as well as understand the results of your current contract management processes.


Version Tracking

Version tracking is a very useful feature of contract management software. With version tracking capabilities, you can analyze live changes made on documents and legal agreements. Additionally, version tracking features are advantageous when considering risk management because you are fully informed of every iteration and change made to a specific document – include who made the changes and when the changes were made.

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The Benefits of Our Contract Management Software

  • Visibility and transparency – keep tabs on the status and location of every contract
  • Automated notifications – never miss a deadline by enabling notifications, alerts, and reminders
  • Maximized security – cloud-based contract storage, data encryption, and permissions-based accessibility keeps data protected
  • Enhanced collaboration – collaboration and communication has never been easier
  • Workflow automation – fast approvals, negotiations, and contract signing that create speedy turnarounds and optimized contract lifecycle management performance 


Oversee All Operations With Contract Management Software

Our contract management software allows you to oversee and manage every aspect of your business’s contract management operations. Our cloud-based, centralized contract repository is the best choice for when you need to conduct simplified, filtered searches for contracts, clauses, and other information. Our software solution is SharePoint and Office 365-based, where the repository itself is SharePoint the contract repository platform. SharePoint specifically offers several features and tools that make contract lifecycle management effortless. From the very beginning of a contract’s lifecycle at contract intake/request and creation, to the expiry or renewal date, you will remain in the know of the contract’s status and location.



Contract management software can be customized for your business’s unique needs, key objectives, and scalability potential. By using the most optimal contract management software equipped with SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 integrations, you can take your contract management process to the next level.

SharePoint can greatly enhance your contract management system. SharePoint can amplify the functions of your contract management solution with its various features that will increase collaboration, productivity, efficiency, and results in real-time. For secure, accessible, and efficient contract management, we highly recommend adding SharePoint to your business’s system.

We welcome you to leverage all the benefits that our Dock 365 Contract Management System has to offer. Maximize results, increase collaboration, boost productivity, and improve return on investment in your business with our SharePoint-based Contract Management System.

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