Leveraging Auto-Renewal Contracts for Customer Retention

Every time a contract expires, businesses save time and money by allowing contracts to be automatically renewed. Read on to find out.

Understanding Contract Renewals

Contracts are legally binding agreements that are essential for a business to stay in commercial relationships with other businesses. Contracts, like everything else, have a defined duration. So, what are contract renewals?

Basically, it's the moment when the original contract period ends, and everyone chooses to extend the relationship for an extended period. Getting the contract renewed implies moving your business connection to the next level and winning with your customer in the long run. Today, contracts are handled by businesses either automatically, using pre-defined clauses, or through negotiation between the individuals involved.

What is automatic contract renewal?

When a contract has an automatic renewal clause, it means that unless one of the parties involved chooses to terminate it, the clause will automatically extend for an agreed-upon period. Essentially, unless you cancel before the subscription expires, it automatically renews the contract at the end of its first term or on a subsequent renewal, typically with the same terms and conditions.

These automatic renewal clauses are common in subscription-based firms, particularly in the software sector, though these days, other verticals are also adopting them.

If a customer is happy with a product or service and chooses to continue using it, automatic renewal saves them the hassle of having to renew it each time. It provides a sense of certainty and strengthens the business relationship.

However, there are several things to keep in mind when contracts have renewal clauses. As business requirements evolve, they decide whether to renegotiate or discontinue a current contract, and it is totally up to them to determine whether it delivers a commercial value.

When a company misses the notice window—which may be as little as a few days—to opt out of auto-renewal, it could sometimes be expensive to break a contract.

Are Auto-renewal Contracts Legal?

The short answer is yes. However, in order to enforce the rules ethically and legally, they must adhere to federal and state laws.

Business to business contracts

Contracts between businesses often include auto-renewal clauses. However, if one firm wants out of the deal but fails to cancel the automatic renewal, the court may intervene, and if the language used in the contract is explicit, the contractual arrangement remains enforceable.

Business to consumer contracts

Consumers find it frustrating when they sign up for a free trial only to discover that they are now trapped in a long-term membership. However, laws are beginning to change across the United States as business-to-consumer contracts get trickier and autorenewal provisions benefit businesses.

Advantages of automatic renewal contracts

  1. Contracts with automatic renewal clauses offer several benefits, but predicting is by far the biggest. It provides you with the ability to estimate or forecast the revenue.
  2. As a business owner, you have visibility into how your customers use your products or services. which, in fact, provides you with the opportunity to raise sales.
  3. Automatic renewal helps both parties because it eliminates paperwork and is extremely convenient unless one of the parties decides to discontinue it.
  4. Contract negotiations can be lengthy and sometimes expensive process; with automatic renewal, you can save both time and money.

Disadvantages of automatic renewal contracts

  1. Missing the deadline is likely the most significant disadvantage of having an automatic renewal clause in the contract.
  2. For example, if one of the parties wants to make modifications or renegotiate a contract, but the contract was automatically renewed, the other party will find it inconvenient to continue for another year.
  3. As a business grows, they could find themselves maintaining hundreds of contracts, and keeping track of renewals can be difficult.
  4. Tracking recurring renewals without taking advantage of a software solution or using unsophisticated software that does not provide centralized tracking and automated reminder messages, is difficult to deal with.

How to Create Enforceable Auto-Renewal Agreements?

Automatic renewal sounds convenient for both parties, but if not done correctly, it can become a serious hassle. Transparency is important when drafting enforceable agreements for automatic renewal.

Both parties to the contract should be aware of the renewal periods, notice periods, and how they can cancel without penalty before the contract is renewed automatically. To make these auto-renewal conditions enforceable, everything should be written in plain language, free of legal jargon, outlining how the entire auto-renewal process works.

  1. Make sure everyone can see it: Most importantly, customers should be able to view the notice regarding the autorenewal regulation, which should be extremely visible and easy to understand.
  2. These guidelines must be properly noted and stated in plain English. In certain areas, a large, striking message may even be necessary.
  3. Inform them prior to their consent: People should be aware of the auto renew terms ahead of time, well before signing on the dotted line. Because clients need to view the information about automatic renewals before agreeing to an online agreement that requires them to click "I agree,"
  4. Seek their consent: When someone accepts an autorenewal contract, they should actively say "yes" or take action to confirm it.

    Auto-Renewal Contracts for Customer Retention


What are the best practices to manage the contract renewal processes?

  1. Act early: It is not a good idea to wait until the last minute, believing that there is a reasonable amount of time before renewal. The majority of contracts have renewal clauses that stipulate the notice period, which both parties are aware of. An excellent way to handle renewals upfront is by noting the deadline on your calendar so that both sides have adequate time to evaluate the contract and carry out the negotiation.
  2. Setting up a team to manage contract renewal: The department that holds the contract, other stakeholders, and the legal review team are the three main parties participating in the process. Determine which department or individual will be in charge of the contract. Your legal team can help discover what makes renewals successful, handle any risks, optimize provisions, and make sure the contracts are in compliance, therefore it's crucial to consult them.
  3. Comprehensive review: Companies evaluate how well the current contracts are performing in order to determine whether they met their expectations. They compare the current possibilities available in the market to evaluate which sections of the contracts, such as pricing or service offerings, can be renegotiated.
  4. Communication: As I previously stated, effective communication is essential to maintaining a positive business connection. Notice the other party in advance. Businesses maintain open communication throughout the contracting process, and everything is documented at each level.
  5. Using technology to your advantage: Putting in place a strong contract management system that can automate the contract renewal procedures is beneficial at every level of the process. Companies use automated technologies to ensure that no deadlines are overlooked. Several useful features, like version control, contract repositories, template libraries, electronic signatures, calendar reminders, automatic alerts and processes, and much more, come integrated with these solutions.

Managing auto-renew contracts with Dock 365

Now that you know how convenient automatic renewal is, you should be aware that there are also significant business risks associated with it. One of the most common challenges that legal teams have is ensuring that all agreements use the same language that is up-to-date, compliant, and comprehensible.

As compliance laws and regulations evolve, a contract management solution such as Dock 365 offers complete contract renewal and management. Dock 365 empowers legal teams to adopt similar language throughout the contract to ensure clarity and eliminate confusion.

The intuitive platform enhances the automated contract renewal process by offering a repository to store all of your contracts in one place where you can track contract statuses, and receive alerts on forthcoming renewals, and expirations. Dock 365 is a feature-rich automatic contract renewal system that helps businesses stay proactive and manage every stage of a contract's lifecycle. Some of its features include:

Automated reminders: Enable notifications well in advance of the renewal dates to prevent any unexpected autorenewals, notify the other party well in advance, and ensure that deadlines are met.

Easy negotiations: Dock 365 makes it possible for the parties to have smooth discussions well in advance of the auto-renewal date. It makes communication between the two parties easier, particularly if there are any current contract clauses that require review and revision.

Risk assessment: Dock 365 looks for any automatic renewal terms in contracts to find the ones that require attention. You can also learn how your legal and finance teams will be affected by auto-renewal.

Analytics: Dock 365's analytics function captures data from the entire contract database, providing you with a comprehensive overview of contracts. Analytics helps to reduce turnaround times, improve the efficiency of the entire auto-renewal process, and enable data-driven decisions.


I hope you now understand the advantages and disadvantages, the legality of auto-renewal, the process for creating an enforceable contract agreement, and the best practices to use.

Integrate a comprehensive contract management system into your strategy in order to remain proactive and optimize renewal processes, leading to improved business relationships and customer retention.

Get a Free demo of Dock 365 to see how it efficiently handles and tracks auto-renewals.

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