Elevate Your Board Meetings with 'Dock Board'


Organize Your Board Meetings

With SharePoint and Office 365, Dock has developed a platform to clearly display the needs for any business. Specifically, a new feature has been created for board meetings. This includes the information about the meeting such as title, date, time and location as well as meeting documents. The attendees of the meeting and a section for news and announcements.





Dock Board Capabilities 

You’ll be able to attach presentations and agendas, as well as a space to take minutes. Also include who will attend and schedule repeating meetings ahead of time. If the meeting results in company-wide announcements, click on the Yammer tab to communicate with teams or the entire company.


Download a Meeting Checklist PDF


Benefits of a Dedicated Board Portal

The Board Meetings main page provides the date, month, time, location of each meeting. This section provides a list of your Board of Directors members that are attending the meeting along with any additional meeting attendees. The News & Announcements section is customizable to showcase relevant content such as company blogs or news announcements related to the meeting topics.


  • Include key details about meeting
  • Upload presentations and handouts
  • List the attendees of meeting


Dock Board Meeting.jpg