Dock SharePoint Intranet Portal Case Studies

Dock 365 Productivity Solutions Case Studies

Every organization we partner with receives a Dock 365 productivity solution with their objectives, needs, and goals taken into consideration. Take a look at the following case studies to see how our productivity solutions have helped many leading organizations upgrade their collaboration, performance, and productivity.
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Contract Management Success: King's Hawaiian

Kings Hawaiian and Dock 365
Dock 365 Case Studies

"What I've really been pleasantly surprised with is your level of customer service. You have really great expertise on solving any of the issues we needed to solve."

Ray Fager, Vice President & Sales Operations

King's Hawaiian is a leading family-owned and operated company known primarily for it's popular Hawaiian sweet bread. As a leader in the bakery industry, King's Hawaiian oversees a high volume of contracts and leverages the Dock 365 Contract Management System to successfully manage each and every one.

King's Hawaiian experienced the following benefits from the the Dock 365 Contract Management System:

  • Saved time searching for the most current version of data (pricing lists, benefits packages, etc.)
  • Reduced errors and improved communication and collaboration with version control features, ensuring everyone is working on the most current documents
  • Simplified and user-friendly contract monitoring and tracking to keep tabs on retail partnerships
  • A comprehensive and rapid customer service experience, with Dock's turnaround time being 24-48 hours
  • An upgrade in their software with Dock's aesthetically-pleasing and functional user interface with all contract insights visible

Comprehensive Employee Intranet Suite

Dock 365 Case Studies

“Since it's a Microsoft Platform, unified communication makes it easy for the business users to communicate when they are away. We now have the best collaboration tool to enhance Employee Productivity and Communication on top of SharePoint 2013.”

On-Boarding Manager, IT

The customer is a leading staff solutions company since 1995. They have been providing comprehensive HR solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. They provide variety of services, which includes payroll and tax administration, HR consulting, risk management, regulatory compliance and staffing services. They serve over thousands of employees at 500+ work sites across Southeastern United States. 

Benefits of Dock with SharePoint include easier user interface for faster user adoption. Refined searching throughout the intranet portal helping users to find information with ease. Customized company newsletter, alerts, document management, and upcoming events.

  • Support the business in HR outsourcing and staffing solutions.
  • Helps connect with users at 500 work sites across the United States.

ERM Portal for Renowned Credit Union in Florida

Dock 365 Case Studies

“Since it's a Microsoft Platform, unified communication makes it easy for the business users to communicate when they are away. We now have the best collaboration tool to enhance Employee Productivity and Communication on top of SharePoint 2013.”

On-Boarding Manager, IT

The customer is a leading Credit Union based in Florida. It is one of the leading Credit Unions in the nation and serves over 500k members globally. Their dedication is clearly reflected in their vision to be the primary financial institution for our members and to bring credit union services to more people.

Benefits of Dock with SharePoint include vendor management, manages regulation documents, manages products and services, risk assessment and monitoring, heat maps for risk associated in their departments, tracking upcoming committee meetings, promotes collaboration and connectivity within employees.

  • Equipped with risk register where it is a repository of risk details of the company and its subsidiaries.
  • The risk manager and executive owner can see all the risks in the queue and monitoring queue.
  • Manage regulations documents with respect to regulation types including version control feature.
  • Enhanced employee collaboration and productivity.

Online Media Center

Dock 365 Case Studies

“We are a small shop with limited IT resources. They have the right mix of talent at affordable rates to elevate my IT team output to exceptional levels. Today’s work occurs over multiple locations, whether it is in different office locations, separate departments or at your home office. SharePoint enables teams and individuals to connect and collaborate together regardless of where they are located.”

Jack Sumner, CIO

The customer is one of the longest running women’s professional sports associations in the world. Founded in 1950, the organization has grown from its roots as a playing tour into a non-profit organization involved in every facet of golf. Their headquarters are located in Daytona Beach, Florida. Benefits include improving processes. Media relations, fans and employees each have improved access to stats, tournaments, social media and news updates.

  • Website portal is built using LogiAnalytics tool. Logi Info is used to display statistics of players and tournaments.
  • Latest news and events, including social media integration.
  • Ability to quickly view reports and statistics as well as navigate reports intuitively.

Non-Profit Results

Non-Profit Results
Dock 365 Case Studies

“The BairFind Foundation was built on the simple philosophy that ‘more eyes looking means more children found’. I have chosen to recommend Dock because I feel like it is the right thing to do. When somebody creates, when somebody creates a product like Dock that solves so many of our issues and makes what we do as a non-profit so much easier for us to do we feel like we want to tell others that you can be using this too.”

Dennis BairBairFind Foundation

The BairFind Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the goal of getting the public involved in the search for missing children. We do this by attaining high profile and long-term visibility of missing children’s profiles and spreading awareness about the problem of missing children today and how the public can get involved in the solution.

  • Documents stored in one place. Access easier for users irrespective of their work locations.
  • Stable and reliable system tasks that took 2-3 days to complete was achieved in minutes.
  • Reduced IT support, maintenance costs.

Knowledge Base Solution

Dock 365 Case Studies

“Our assurance is to always be with the members every step of their financial paths. Our true commitment, unending support, and steadfast protection which comes with a great team and Knowledge Base. With the power of SharePoint and Dock Intranet's expertise, we have a system that helps to produce greater results and promptness.”

Sr. Systems Analyst

The customer is a well-established member owned Credit Union, offering the best financial solutions across Florida for the past 80 years. Their customers can take advantage of high-rate savings accounts, online and mobile banking, low-cost loans and other major services. They remain transparent to the CU philosophy of individuals helping individuals with entire range of financial products of convenience and value. Benefits include training resources, human resources portal, interactive menus making it more user-friendly for the users, products and services knowledge base to make it easier for employees to follow, MSC resources and easy access to policies and procedures documents.

  • One stop portal for all needs such as policies, MSR and teller procedures, product and services manual, references and much more.
  • Document management made easy with Microsoft SharePoint technology.
  • Cuts hardware costs and operating expenses.
  • Reduces workloads for IT staff.

Customer Membership, Claim Adjustment, and Commission Processing Application

Dock 365 Case Studies

“The key thing brought to the table was the development of the web interaction to external users and along with that the ability to disseminate and receive content from external users, which have transformed how we do business. The beauty is that the system Global provided has the ability of external users to participate in a workflow process.” 

Randy BradlyVice President

The mission of our customer, as the single, unified voice of business, is to enhance the quality of life for all South Carolinians. Our customer leads the way in achieving global competitiveness and ultimately increasing prosperity for our citizens by creating a shared, collaborative vision for South Carolina.

Increasing productivity through an educated and highly-skilled, capable workforce. Advocating a balanced, predictable tax and spending system. Fostering a favorable climate among our members and their diverse employees. As well as promoting the positive impact of a successful business community on citizens.

  • Efficient time keeping feature.
  • Links and resources under my chamber integrated with SharePoint.
  • Dedicated payroll self service center.
  • Easier content management.

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