Contract Intake Process for Your Legal Team

Make the contract lifecycle effortless for the entire organization by automating and centralizing contract intake, submission, and request processes. 

User-friendly Contract Request Process

Contract Intake Process for Your Legal Team

Well-defined Contract Management System

With Dock 365 Contract Management Software, the legal department can easily add new and existing legal agreements to the contract lifecycle to avoid miscommunication and confusion.
  • Customizable contract request forms
  • Contract templates and clause libraries
  • Auto-population for rapid contract drafting
  • Compatibility with various document formats
  • Automated workflows to guide contract requests

Expedite Contract Workflows

Aligning Business Needs

Efficient contract intake and request processes set the tone for the entire contract management workflow. The transition from request to execution is seamless with custom contract intake forms.

  • Route third-party contracts into the process
  • Enforce compliance and organizational standards
  • Customizable contract requests to capture critical data 
  • Minimize email back-and-forth to expedite contract intake
  • Direct contracts to negotiation, approval, and signing faster than ever
Legal Contract Management Software

Real-time Contract Request Status

Docks Legal Contract Management Software

Better Visibility For Stakeholders

Stakeholders require constant updates regarding the real-time status of contractual agreements. Dock contract management software provides users visibility into the end-to-end contract management process. 
  • Real-time document status alerts
  • Automated notifications for contract milestones
  • Reminders for contract renewals and expiry
  • Configurable dashboards and contract reports

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Improve Organizational Efficiency

Take charge of contract requests

The intake process is the bridge between stakeholders and the legal team. It decides how a contractual agreement enters the contract management system. Contract management software enables organizations to take complete control of the contract request and submission processes to yield better results. 


  • Prioritize contract intake requests according to value
  • Assign contracts to designated parties
  • Identify and mitigate contract risks