Having the right people in your organization is half the job. Motivating and improving their performance according to your business goals makes them perfect. You need a great performance management solution to generate brilliant employees. Performance management tools are essential for high performing organizations.  Effective employee performance management can enhance individual and group productivity in organizations. Dock's employee performance management solution is built to help HR team to manage  360 degree performance evaluation of employees from an easy to use simple interface.  Automate manager, peer and self evaluation process.  



Dynamically create employee performance questions

HR team can create performance review forms dynamically and assign to employees. Instead of running a performance review program once or twice in a year, having an on-going assessment is what aspiring companies require. Getting the right feedback and answers allows you to set the right parameters to let the employees perform better. Create questions that let you understand what are the factors that your workforce need to perfect better.  


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