Healthcare & Insurance Contract Management Software

We provide hospitals, clinics, and the insurance companies with the actionable insights they need to expedite contract management, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance with healthcare industry regulations.

Advanced Functionalities for the Healthcare & Insurance Industry

Healthcare CMS

Standardize Contract Management

Contract management software for healthcare and insurance industries can centralize employment agreements, vendor contracts, contracts related to services and equipment, and research agreements while maintaining HIPAA compliance. 


  • Locate documents faster with AI and OCR features.
  • Configurable dashboard for contract reports
  • Secure, centralized contract storage

Compliant Contract Management 

Safeguard agreements across the organization

Strict compliance clauses and complex regulations are key to the healthcare and insurance industries. With our intuitive Contract Management Software, organizations can ensure that all healthcare and insurance contracts are complying with these regulations consistently. 


  • Customizable contract templates
  • Obligation tracking function
  • Automated approval workflows
  • Electronic Signature Solutions
Healthcare Contract Management Software

Hospital-wide collaborations for contract management

Healthcare Contract Management (1)

Upgrade Healthcare & Insurance Contract Management

Hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies often rely on multiple solutions to manage their daily operations, which is why Dock 365 CMS is easy to integrate with other business apps. Health contract management software offers a systematic approach to contract management. 

Create contracts within:

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Microsoft 365 Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft 365 Business Central

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Easy To Adopt  Productivity Solution

Configurable Contract Management Dashboard 

Dock 365's Contract Management Solution is powered by Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, making it easier for your team to quickly adapt to the new solution. The configurable dashboard ensures the system matches your needs right from the start.  


  • E-signature Solutions 
  • AI & OCR Capabilities
  • Business App Integration