Dock's Implementation Process  

How long will this process take?
From deployment to going live is 4-6 weeks. In case of any additional features needing custom development, we will provide you a time estimate based on the requirements.
What is your communication process?
We’re with you every step of the process. We also offer tech support as needed. If needed, we can set up calls at regular intervals for review and feedback.
Will the SharePoint site be customized to our company brand?
Yes, we take in all your branding guidelines into consideration and use them to apply to your intranet.
How can we move our data over from our current intranet or file server?
We have tools such as MyGrator to migrate content to SharePoint. If you currently have content on your SP site it will not be deleted or overridden.
How can we ensure file security and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?
Using SP’s user permission, we take steps to ensure your documents are only available to your specified users. Our client relations team will work with you to get all your details required.
Who is required to attend implementation meetings?
It’s most beneficial for each department head to attend for input.
How can I train my employees to use the new intranet design?

We set up training for admin and content owners from each department or we also have the user guide.

We have tutorials here to access at your convenience. 

What's the rollout process for the entire company?
This is up to each company, we can roll it out incrementally for each department depending on your specific needs. This is our preferred way, we have success working with one department at a time.
What does User Acceptance Testing (UAT) include?
Once the deployment is complete, we work with you through your testing to fix any issues and make any modifications necessary to meet your needs for launch.
What's happens after we launch SharePoint to the entire company?
We guarantee support for any questions or issues with the product. We also offer SharePoint support plans in case you need additional support.