Dock 365's Digital Learning Platform

It's important for your employees to keep up to date with the latest training and advancements in the industry. Having the most up to date skill set is critical for their continued success. With our Learning Management System, you can easily keep your employees motivated and help them enhance their skills.

Dock 365 - Learning Management System Demo (LMS)

Best Features of Our Learning Management System

Our LMS is designed and configured in such a way to keep employees fully engaged with the training process.

Create and Store Training Courses
Performance Tracking and Analytics
Assign Courses to Individuals or Groups
Control Course-Completion Path
Reminder Notifications
Design Quizzes Based on E-learning Content
Custom Learning Models
Digital Learning Platform
Evaluate Training Using Quiz
Generate Sensible Reports
Schedule E-learning or Classroom Courses

Make Employee Training Simple and Effective

We can help you make the employee training process cost-effective and easy. Go with Dock 365 to use our intuitive, powerful e-learning platform.

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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Pricing Process.

What are the payment options available and how often I should make payments?

We accept all major credit cards and online payment modes. We are offering a monthly payment option for our clients from North America. All others can make annual payments, which will be the most convenient way to make payments.

Can you provide a live demo?

Of course, we love to show you our wonderful products and how they work. It gives you a better idea about how our applications work and how they can be used for enhancing our business productivity.

How much time do you need to deploy this software?

At Dock, we just need 2 weeks to deliver the desired solutions to your organization. We know the value of time and technology better than anyone else.

Do you have more questions in mind?

We are always ready to help you with all kinds of support. Sent an email to and get all your questions answered. Make a call to (904) 903-4475 if you want to talk instantly. For billing-related queries, you can always email to

Does this handle online courses or physical classroom courses?

Dock 365 LMS solution has options to create both Self-paced courses and Classroom courses.

Can you create workflows to automate when courses should be assigned?

Yes. There is option to assign courses based on employee hire date, but this works with Dock HRMS Application.

Can you track employee quiz results?

Yes. In the report section, it is possible to track the quiz score of employees for a course. It allows you to measure employee knowledge after taking the course.

Can you create reports based on quiz results?

Yes. There is a "User Quiz" tab in the report section to do that.

How do end-users view the course content? Is it embedded or a link?

Our LMS support different type of content formats like links, IFrames, Video, PDF, YouTube links, Microsoft Streams etc.

Can managers be notified when employees finish a course or do not take the course?

By default, there is an option made available for users to notify manager once the user completed a course assigned to him/her.

Can you assign courses to individuals or groups?

Yes, admin users can assign courses to both individuals and groups. This can be done from the roaster and the enrolment tab respectively.