Enterprise Level Project Management Solution

The rising demand for project management softwares made us create Dock NextGen Project Management Solution. Why go anywhere else when we have the most powerful and intuitive system for your business to organize tasks and manage projects with easily and effectively. 

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Dock's NextGen Project Management

Here are the features and capabilities that make our NextGen Project Management Solution outstanding.

Project and Task Management
Overview of Active Tasks
Client Management
Document Management
Mobile App
Receive Client Requests Via Email
Organized Dashboard
Export, Filter, Search Tasks
Overdue Task Management
Track Billable and Billable Hours Spent on Projects

Reshape The Way Your Business Does Project Management

We can help you improve your team's collaboration and make sure that you are achieving your project goals on time.

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Get answers to all usual questions about the Dock 365 NextGen Project Management Solution.

What makes Dock 365 NextGen Project Management Solution better than others?

We have designed our project management solution in such a way to let users handle projects and all data easily. From adding a new project to generate reports, the options are simplified. Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 make the platform powerful and efficient too.

There are also multiple project views available such as calendar view and list view. You can easily drag and drop tasks from one project to another with ease.

Are there any additional capabilities provided?
Even though storing and retrieving project information are the main focus of project management solutions, we have added facilities to manage client and task details for assuring better value.
What are the time management options available in your solution?

Along with each task, employees can enter the amount of time they have spent. This allows users to track total billable hours of each employee on a weekly or monthly basis. 

How can I make this project management system customized for my business?
We know that each business is unique in its operations, values, and even for the type of data, they wish to manage. With options to customize priorities, dates, notification settings, and tasks, you can make the system highly customized for your business. 
How long it will take you to deliver the product?
We just need 2 weeks to deliver you our NextGen Project Management Solution. We will be presenting you with a custom-built solution that is personalized to match your business theme and functionalities.
Are there different views based on access?

Yes, Dock 365 Project Management Solution comes with two views:  NextGen Owner view and a Member view. The owner view comes with ‘Full Control’ and access to all features and functionalities, whereas the member view provides access to projects in which the user is added as a member.

Can you track hours?

Yes, there are advanced facilities to track task and time entry management closely. It can be used to track billable/unbillable hours too.

Can you receive external emails from the solution?

Yes, there is a client request queue section to manage the external emails.

Can you customize the fields?
You can rename/hide the fields in projects and tasks as required.
Can people outside of our Office 365 access the solution?