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What to Expect from A SharePoint Powered Vendor Management Solution

A Vendor Management System can help you control cost, good service-deliverability and above all, it helps you gain maximum value from your collaboration with vendors in the long-run.

Running a business successfully takes a lot of hard work and intelligent management of resources. Various crucial areas in business require exceptional management to gain the desired results. Projects, Contracts, Human Resource, Finance, and Training are some of the major departments that need to be addressed well. Vendor Management is one area/department that gets missed out from this priority list of most organizations. The fact is that vendor management is an integral part of any business which has a great role to play in maintaining top quality customer service, product quality, and market development. In this light, we have accumulated a comprehensive data about different aspects of Vendor Management that let businesses understand why it is important, what benefits it can bring, and how to do this.

Microsoft SharePoint is a brilliant platform that can be used for managing all processes, activities, and workflows of business perfectly. These extraordinary capabilities make SharePoint a great platform for setting up a Vendor Management Solution that is robust and reliable. In today’s blog post we are going to tell you what you can expect from a SharePoint powered Vendor Management Solution and how you can utilize it completely.

Significance of Having A Vendor Management System

Before we get started, you need to know the significance of having a Vendor Management System in detail. Maintaining a transparent and good relationship with your vendors is important to maintain unbeaten quality and performance. A Vendor Management System can help you control cost, good service-deliverability and above all, it helps you gain maximum value from your collaboration with vendors in the long-run. A VMS software is a must-have especially when you must deal with multiple vendors. It also helps in making payments on time, and to set organizational standards to evaluate performance better.

When you have set up vendor management software, it will be easier to manage all vendor related activities effectively from one place.

Why SharePoint is Considered Perfect for a VMS

What are the main factors you will consider while purchasing a software solution for your organization? Cost, reliability, security, and ability to customize are some of the most common factors businesses consider when they are picking a solution. With Microsoft SharePoint, you will get all these factors right and even more. When handling Contracts and Vendors, one thing everyone wants to secure is the information/data associated with it. By choosing SharePoint to build a Vendor Management Solution, you are getting all the safety assurance features Microsoft is offering.

Single sign-on, reporting capabilities, and a powerful search function make this platform even more advantageous for handling vendor-related data and activities brilliantly. SharePoint Document Management and Collaboration feature further add more power to the solutions powered by Microsoft SharePoint. You can also standardize and automate most of the processes with ease. You will get to enjoy all these benefits with the Office 365 subscription you already have.Free webinar - How to Configure and Manage Vendor Collaboration in Office 365

Features You Can Expect from a SharePoint Powered VMS Software

Vendor management solutions should be able to give businesses confidence in managing their vendors for generating the best outputs. SharePoint based VMS software will have a hand full of features that are easy to understand, use, and customize. Here are some of the most found features:

  • A Dedicated Dashboard
  • Option to Save All Kinds of Vendor Details
  • Ability to Organize All Vendor Related Documents and Files
  • Timely Notifications for Important Events
  • Dock 365’s Vendor Management System is offering some more impressive features:
  • Ability to Set Rating for Vendors
  • Vendor Questionnaire for A Detailed Vendor Review
  • Custom Notifications as You Prefer

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What Are the Benefits You Get

From the above information, you might have got a decent idea about what a vendor management solution is capable of. However, you will not see any huge performance hikes in your sales or revenue overnight after implementing this solution. It takes time but standardization of the processes eventually put your business in a safe and excellent position. You will be able to treat your vendors as well as your customers. Thus, you will be able to maintain a good standard when it comes to quality, timely deliveries, cost-cutting, and reputation. Even in unfortunate situations, you will be able to provide better vendor support that reduces your loss to a great extent. As your vendor relationships improve, you will also improve customer relationships as you are now able to provide better service and quality to the end-user.

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