Which Is Better For Dynamics 365 Integration Adobe Sign Or Docusign

Which Is Better For Dynamics 365 Integration: Adobe Sign Or Docusign?

Both Adobe Sign and DocuSign are reputable electronic signature solutions, and they can integrate with Dynamics 365 to streamline document workflows and enhance business processes. Here are some considerations for each before you make the final choice.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers all the tools necessary for the sales team to carry out sales pipeline management with complete transparency. The platform optimizes critical sales cycle tasks, such as lead generation, deal closing, and order generation, beyond the scope of standard CRM functionality.

Although Dynamics 365 provides a great deal of automation for tracking, managing, and governing the sales pipeline, contract execution is not one of its strong points. For the sales team, this is a serious setback because closing deals requires having sales agreements signed in a straightforward and timely manner. Businesses depending on Dynamics 365 to carry out their sales process can overcome this shortcoming by integrating the platform with suitable e-signature solutions. The most reliable and secure candidates for the position are Adobe Sign and DocuSign. In this blog post, we will go into great detail on which is a better option for businesses looking to accelerate sales.

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What are the challenges of manual signing processes?

The manual signing process of physical signatures on paper contracts involves manual handling, printing, and distribution. Organizations with expanding customer portfolios will face inefficiencies, increased costs, and delays in various business processes. Moreover, coordinating the physical transfer of documents between different parties or locations can lead to sales agreements slipping between the cracks. The unsystematic physical storage can make the files inaccessible.

Creating a comprehensive audit trail for manually signed documents is challenging. Tracking changes, verifying signatures, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements become more cumbersome for the business. Additionally, it leads to a communication gap about the status of the sales agreement between the legal and sales teams. Organizations aiming for digital transformation and quicker conversions may need help integrating manual signing processes with Dynamics 365 workflows. If you want to optimize business operations, signing needs equal weight. 

What are the benefits of Dynamics 365 integration with e-signature solutions?

Organizations can combine Dynamics 365 with e-signature solutions to get around the drawbacks of manual signing procedures and maximize digital workflows. It enables businesses to streamline the entire document approval process within Dynamics 365. They can initiate and manage the e-signature process without switching between multiple platforms. The salespeople can get the approved contract straight to the customers for signing. Some other benefits of Dynamics 365’s integration with electronic signatures include: 

  • The signature process automation accelerates document turnaround times by reducing manual efforts and improving overall efficiency.

  • E-signature integration eliminates the risk of errors by ensuring that documents are accurately routed for signatures, reducing the likelihood of data entry mistakes or missing signatures.

  • It enables a smoother and more convenient experience for customers and clients, as businesses can send documents for signing directly from Dynamics.

  • Dynamics allows businesses to track document status in real time, enabling salespeople to monitor each document's progress through the signature process.

  • E-signature solutions have advanced security features, including encryption and authentication protocols for securing sensitive documents within Dynamics 365.

What are the key features of Adobe Sign?

Adobe Sign, Adobe's electronic signature solution, is a leading choice for businesses to execute documents. It offers a comprehensive set of features designed to streamline the document approval process and enhance the overall electronic signature experience. With just one click, businesses can send a document to several signers. Furthermore, they’re customizable to comply with international industry-specific regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, and the FDA. 

Multiple-channel signing

Users can sign documents from anywhere, on any device. Adobe Sign supports multi-channel signing, allowing signatories to e-sign documents through web browsers, mobile apps, or email. Salespeople can quickly and easily send documents for electronic signatures from Acrobat, Microsoft Word, and other apps.

Real-time tracking

They get real-time visibility for every document out for signature. Businesses can monitor the status of documents in real-time, allowing for better transparency into where a sales agreement is in the signing process. They can set up notifications for when completed documents have been signed.

Templates and archives

Adobe Sign allows users to create templates for frequently used documents, saving time and ensuring consistency. They can store them in archives and manage the sales agreements throughout their lifecycle, including tracking, archiving, and searching for executed files.

Security and user authentication

Adobe Sign prioritizes security, employing industry-standard encryption protocols to protect the confidentiality and integrity of electronic signatures and documents. It guarantees a secure and compliant e-signature process.

What are the key features of DocuSign?

DocuSign, a leading electronic signature solution, offers a robust set of features designed to streamline the document approval process and enhance the overall experience of electronic signatures. Sales agreements and electronic signatures generated with DocuSign eSignature are generally accepted for use in business transactions and are admissible in court. They are configurable to comply with industry-specific regulations such as FedRAMP and HIPAA. Here are the key features of DocuSign:


Businesses can use DocuSign's reusable templates, which save tags, field placement, workflow routing, and other settings, to standardize processes and quickly prepare documents for sending. It guarantees end-to-end automation of the signing order for the sales team.

Sending options

DocuSign eSignature empowers businesses to specify and order any number of signers. They can assign recipients different roles and access beyond signing permissions. The approval processes and document routing scenarios ensure flexibility and adaptability to various use cases.

Bulk send

Businesses can easily send the sales agreement to a large number of clients The sales representatives can quickly import a list of signers with DocuSign, and each signer will receive a separate copy to sign. 

Document status and Notifications

Organizations can use DocuSign to set up automated email reminders for signers to finish the signing process and to add deadline notifications for documents or transactions that are about to expire. They will get real-time updates on the document status as it progresses through the signing process.

Contract Management Software on Microsoft 365

Which is better for Dynamics 365 integration: Adobe Sign or DocuSign?

For organizations leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365, Adobe Sign and DocuSign are two prominent electronic signature solutions, each offering unique features and capabilities. Both e-signatures offer robust integration capabilities, allowing users to seamlessly send, track, and manage electronic signatures directly within the Dynamics 365 environment. 

Adobe Sign excels in its seamless integration with Dynamics 365, user-friendly interface, and customization options. It is part of the Adobe Document Cloud, which includes other tools for document creation and management. If your organization already uses Adobe products, this might provide a more cohesive solution.

On the other hand, DocuSign stands out with its strong emphasis on security, straightforward user experience, and comprehensive support services. It also offers seamless integration with Dynamics 365. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements and preferences of the organization. 

Dock provides electronic signature options within the contract management platform, making your decision easier. Our contract management software seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign. It means businesses can utilize the capabilities of contract management software, CRM, and electronic signature solutions from within a single platform. They can import client details from Dynamics 365 to create sales agreements and send them straight to customers for signing using DocuSign or Adobe Sign.

Thus, the sales and legal teams can effortlessly collaborate on a unified platform for comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) and contract lifecycle management (CLM). It ensures that a sales agreement will follow a standard procedure for drafting, negotiating, and signing. Businesses can share relevant contract information, such as customer details, contract terms, and key dates, seamlessly between Dynamics 365, Dock, Adobe Sign, and DocuSign.

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