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10 Advantages In Having A Dynamics 365 Integration Into Your CMS

Know about the top 10 advantages Dynamics 365 integration provide to businesses. Check out these benefits in detail and enhance your contract management processes by making the right decision.

When compared to the early 2000, we have a lot of options today in terms of technology and other digital resources. For businesses, there is a long list of solutions to choose from, according to the objectives set up. Since sales, customer relationships, and legal are some of the busiest and critical departments. They are running in a data-driven environment. Data security and accuracy are of great priority because of that reason. CRM software and Contract Lifecycle Management software are two important technology solutions most businesses are using today. Dock 365 is offering a very useful integration for businesses with a Dynamics 365 subscription. In this blog post, we are going to talk about the 10 amazing advantages of having Dynamics 365 Integration into your CMS. Know how this helps your business in delivering better value to your customers, clients, and vendors.

Why choose a CMS with Dynamics 365 Integration

For businesses that are already using Dynamics 365, managing their sales data and activities will be easy. However, if they own a separate contract management system, accessing the contract data or creating a contract may cause a delay. This is because they must switch from Dynamics 365 to the CMS platform to perform contract-related actions. When you have a contract management system with Dynamics 365 integration, without leaving the Dynamics 365 platform you can perform contract management actions quickly.

There are numerous advantages to having such an integration. Even though it looks like simple access to your contract data or CMS, it enhances your sales, customer support, and contract management activities exceptionally. Let’s figure out the 10 amazing advantages your team will get from a Dynamics 365 Integration.

10 advantages your team will get from a Dynamics 365 Integration

The 10 benefits listed here are not the only ones, but we think you should know about these advantages before getting started.

1.      Create contracts from the Dynamics 365 platform

Your sales team will have a lot of critical processes to complete in the Dynamics 365 platform. In certain cases, they may need to create a contract as part of completing a request or demand. With a Dynamics 365 Integration into your CMS platform, you can create a new contract right from the same page.

2.      Bring Self-service functionality to your sales platform

Depending on the contract management team to create contract requests, drafting contracts, and adding potential details take up a lot of time and resources. With a Dynamics 365 integration, your organization can add a self-service functionality to the Dynamics platform, where they can create their contract requests, and even draft contracts with all critical data automatically populated.

3.      Assure quicker response to customer requirements

With the power to retrieve all contracts within the Dynamics 365 platform, the sales team can respond to customer requests and demands faster. This leads to improved customer-requests response time. Reacting to customer needs and requests quickly is very important in maintaining a very good customer relationship in today’s market conditions.

4.      Quick access to contract documents and data

When you get to access your contract management system from the Dynamics 365 platform, it assures easy access to data as well. Contract-related data and documents are critical in taking important sales decisions. By enabling accurate decision-making information, your sales process becomes more efficient and produces better deals.

5.      Faster sales cycle and contract request processes

Sales processes lose relevance and effectiveness when there is a delay, or everything moves slowly. Usually, contract requests are processed faster if your business is having contract management software. The contract requests from the sales team can be processed faster with a Dynamics 365 integration.

Contract Lifecycle Management Using Microsoft 365 - Free contract webinar

6.      Use the Dynamics 365 Database for contract creation

When your business is using Dynamics 365 for coordinating sales activities, there will be a database within it for sure. The chances of using this data for contract creation and other critical business processes are high. With Dock 365’s Dynamics 365 integration, you will be able to use the Dynamics 365 database effortlessly.

7.      E-signature solution for faster turnaround times

E-signature solutions made signing contracts easy. You can sign documents and send them back anytime from anywhere. Dock is offering e-signature integrations with its CMS to ensure that businesses are getting the full benefit of a SaaS business solution.

8.      View all contract documents in your CRM system

Finding documents from your intranet or any other legacy system may take a lot of time sometimes. When you want a file immediately, it causes even more trouble. With our Dynamics 365 integration, you will be able to access the contract document within your CRM system. With easy access to critical data whenever required, you can achieve better productivity.

9.      Achieve uncompromised data accuracy

With our integration, you can utilize the sales database to create new contracts. This automatically populated/retrieved data from the CRM database ensures excellent data accuracy. With this data accuracy, you can eliminate human errors while entering details manually during contract generation.

10.  Standardize contract creation with templates

Even when creating contracts through the Dynamics 365 integration facility, you will get to utilize your pre-loaded contract templates. Dock 365’s Contract Management Software enables you to create templates for creating contracts. This lets you create commonly created contracts at a much faster pace, and allows you to standardize the contract creation process throughout the organization.

How to pick the right CMS

We are providing contract management software based on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. With all the outstanding capabilities offered by Microsoft, modern businesses should try our solution for sure.

Ready to take your contracts to next level? Leverage a solution built onto your Microsoft Office 365, Teams, and SharePoint environment for powerful, productive contract management. Digitize contracts and increase the security and results of your contract portfolio with us here at Dock 365.

Our solution offers secure cloud storage, single-sign-on (SSO), integrations with SharePoint, Teams, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign, and reminders of expiring and auto-renewing contracts.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is not intended to be legal advice; rather, all information, content, and resources accessible through this site are for purely educational purposes. This page's content might not be up to date with legal or other information.
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