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How Good Is Dynamics 365 In Managing Contracts

Know how beneficial is Dynamics 365 Integration for businesses with a CMS. The blog also talks about other advantages offered by the Dynamics 365 and CLM software integration. 

Designing and building business solutions is a process that demands technical excellence and a long-term vision. Microsoft is brilliant in doing this ever since software solutions started to control business processes and workflows globally. Dynamics CRM is one solution that businesses are utilizing widely to manage their sales and customer support activities. Today, there are technologically advanced solutions to manage various business activities. However, businesses now want to integrate all these solutions and enable themselves to do as much as things from a single platform. In that light, we are going to talk about ‘how good is Dynamics 365 in managing contracts’ in this blog post.

What are the strengths of Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is built to let you coordinate your customer relationship activities exceptionally. You will be able to delight your customers consistently by establishing fruitful interactions, and engagement, and produce results that matter to the users. Along with creating more engaging user experiences, your business will also be able to guarantee operational excellence at all levels.

Here are four top benefits you get from implementing Dynamics 365 in your organization:

  • Accelerate results and create impact quicker by augmenting multiple solutions.
  • Market conditions may change anytime. Adapt to the changes quickly.
  • Data-first approach to overcome barriers and roadblocks to deliver a better customer experience.
  • Exploit the power of Microsoft cloud solutions to solve problems.

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How Dynamics 365 influences contract management

Being a contract lifecycle management software provider for more than a decade now, we understand the challenges businesses are facing better than anyone else. Sales and marketing teams need to collaborate and work together often to win sales and get deals sealed. We found that a big number of users from our customer base are involved in processes like contract drafting, approval, review, negotiation, and further contract management activities. On the other side, the sales teams are widely using Dynamics 365 as their CRM for coordinating sales activities and processes.

Both CLM and CRM solutions have their purposes and unique objectives to accomplish. However, being a Microsoft 365 and SharePoint-powered CLM software provider, we wanted to give our customers the ability to manage contracts right from the Dynamics 365 platform. Integrating these two platforms will add a lot of value to marketing and sales teams.

What can you expect from Dock 365’s Dynamics 365 Integration

Dock 365’s Dynamics 365 Integration is built for those businesses who want to create and access contracts without leaving the Dynamics 365 platform. Visibility of relevant data, the status of various sales cycles, and communication are important factors businesses don’t want to compromise at any cost. With Dock’s Dynamics 365 integration, you can enhance all these aspects.

The greater number of business applications/solutions your organization is using, the performance of your employees will also get influenced by these large number of software platforms. It has an impact on their focus on work and extraction of required business data. The decision-making processes might get extended, and the accuracy of data may also fall. With Dynamics 365 integration your business will be able to easily improvise the productivity of your sales and marketing teams.    

Who can utilize the Dynamics 365 CMS Integration

As you might know, Dynamics 365 is a solution specifically used by sales teams to coordinate and track their activities. As it is not coming bundled with the Microsoft 365 products subscription, you will have to get its license separately. Dock 365’s Dynamics 365 CMS integration can be utilized by businesses that already have a Dynamics 365 subscription.

If your business is using the Microsoft 365 platform already and is planning to invest in Dynamics 365 solution to enhance the productivity of the sales and marketing departments, Dock 365 Contract Management Software will be perfect for you. We will ensure that the Microsoft 365 license you already have will be made used to the best level. Furthermore, you will be able to integrate the CMS to the Dynamics 365 platform seamlessly for a much better experience as well.

Doesn’t matter even if you do not have both Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 licenses. If you wish to start exploiting all the perks offered by these Microsoft productivity solutions, we can set it up for you along with our contract lifecycle management software solution.

Why choose Dock 365’s Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

We are experts at helping businesses leverage SharePoint and Office 365 features to revolutionize and streamline contract management. Our Contract Management System is equipped with several amazing features that will help improve the quality of your contract management processes with the help of a SharePoint and Office 365-based collaborative software interface.

With a handful of integrations including Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, Multiple email signature integrations, and many more, we can improve business dealings, increase contract compliance, reduce bottlenecks and turnaround times, enhance risk mitigation efforts, and completely overhaul the contract management team productivity for the better with our contract management software.

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