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How Dynamics 365 Integration In Contract Management Software Works

Dock 365's Contract Management Software is now providing more value to sales and marketing teams with its Dynamics 365 integration. Know how it works for your contract management requirements. 

CRM systems are a critical solution for all kinds of businesses that must handle their relationships with customers well. Even though there are a wide variety of CRM solutions available in the market today. Dynamics CRM provided by Microsoft is one of the top options globally. Now that Microsoft renamed its CRM solution to Dynamics 365, we can say that the CRM platform is going to be better with time.

At Dock 365, we are very enthusiastic about the evolution of Dynamics 365. We have been observing and studying these tools and platforms frequently to figure out new ways to let users exploit their potential. As always, these solutions will not be in their best form out of the box. That’s where we as a SaaS Contract Management Software provider gain significance. Dock 365 managed to create a CMS powered by Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 tools.

Knowing how important CRM solutions are for businesses, Dock is providing a Dynamics 365 integration along with our CMS. Let’s learn all about the significance of Dynamics 365 and how the integration works with our Contract Lifecycle Management Software.

Why Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 can be customized according to each business’s requirements. It provides multiple CRM tools that can work together for building an integrated solution, or you can use it as a standalone solution for a specific business process. Dynamics 365 can do great things in areas like marketing, sales, customer service, field service, and project service.

With Dynamics 365, your marketing team can create multichannel marketing campaigns and ensure that the sales and marketing teams are well aligned to plan and execute business processes more effectively. Nurturing marketing qualified leads and utilizing tracking tools to enhance marketing activities is an advantage. The best thing about the platform is that the tracking tools can effectively integrate with your other apps and services to produce better results.

Sales teams can also take advantage of this platform to exceed expectations from sales force automation to achieve more in terms of customer satisfaction. It will boost your sales performance, and business productivity, and enhance relationships for sure. As it is an adaptable, modern platform, it can innovate the whole business process as well.

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Dynamics 365 Integration

Dock 365’s Contract management Software is completely focused on handling your contract and vendor data with utmost precision. Along with guaranteeing easy access and the best security available today for the sensitive data involved, our CMS also improves all your contract-related workflows and processes. With Dynamics 365 Integration we are giving your company the advantage to create and access contracts from your Dynamics 365 platform.

With this integration, we are trying to let your marketing, sales, and support teams work more efficiently. With quick access to create and access contract data, they will be able to take critical decisions faster.  

Benefits of availing the Dynamics 365

By availing Dynamics 365, your business can expect better productivity, automation, and workflow in your marketing, sales, customer service, and project management areas. We discussed the benefits the Marketing and Sales departments will receive through this platform. Let’s recollect the main points quickly.


  • Utilize leads in a better and more efficient manner.
  • Enhance decision-making abilities.
  • Adapt to the latest requirements, demands, and business innovations faster.


  • The opportunities for growing your business get bigger.
  • You will be able to focus on the right areas of your business.
  • You will be able to accomplish goals faster.

Customer Service:

Another department where Dynamics 365 bring noticeable improvements is the customer service. With intelligent ways to serve your customers with the solution they need, you can improve your customer service quality exceptionally.

The multi-channel service options help you to connect with those support-seeking customers faster. The AI-powered bots let you increase service availability. This helps to enhance engagement with your potential customers.

Streamlining and customizing customer service is another major highlight of using the Dynamics 365 platform. This is done by providing detailed data about the customers whenever required, and by streamlining in-app learning options and allocating resources smartly.

Dock 365’s Contract Management Software Solution

Dock 365 offers a powerful, productive approach to managing your business’s contract lifecycles with user-friendly features and modern integrations. It utilizes your Microsoft 365 and SharePoint infrastructure to assist your business in all your contract-related requirements. With the assistance of a centralized contract repository, automated contract workflows, easy implementation, and a user-friendly software interface, Dock 365 is a superior modern solution for the most powerful approach to contract management for businesses of all sizes.

Dock 365 is already providing a contract management solution that helps you to utilize your investment in Microsoft 365 better. If you are an organization utilizing Dynamics 365, then with this new integration we will enable you to get double value out of your Microsoft licenses.

No need to waste any energy, funds, and time on an outdated contract management approach. Instead, centralize and streamline your business’s contracts today with Dock 365. With the Dynamics 365 integration, our CMS is a lot more efficient when compared to the alternative options available today.

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