5 Techniques To Improve Sales With Dynamics 365 Integrated CMS

In this blog, we will be outlining techniques to utilize Dynamics 365 integrated CMS (Contract Management Software) systems to improve productivity, revenue, and sales.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the top choices for organizations to achieve sales targets and efficient customer relationships. Time is of the essence in today’s highly competitive marketplace. And businesses need all the help they can get to get an edge over their competitors. The Dynamics 365 software streamlines the entire sales process for better and faster results.   

The sales process focuses on successfully engaging leads to turn them into customers. But every deal is legally and economically viable only if the contracts associated with them are timely, accurate, and competent. So, for profitable sales operations, businesses require an efficient contract management system. A CMS-integrated Dynamics 365 system can increase the value of the entire sales and contract management process. It can help connect to prospective customers faster and easier. 

Adopting Dynamics 365 integrated CMS for sales  

Every business follows a well-structured sales process to turn potential customers into closed deals. They are a set of repeatable steps that the sales team needs to follow to land a client. The primary stages in a sales process include: 

Prospect: During this first stage of the sales process, the sales team works on sourcing new clients or leads. It might involve online research, referrals, or industry events.   

Contacting leads: In the second stage, the sales team initiates contact with the potential clients to gather information and ensure whether they are qualifying leads.  

Research: The sales team collects data regarding the client’s needs and wants. It helps the organization deliver a tailored experience to the customer.  

Pitching: In this stage, the sales team presents a customized demonstration of their product or service.  

Handling objections: Deals do not get closed without some friction. That is why the sales team must tactfully manage all the demands, questions, and objections put forth by the client.  

Closing deal: After proposals and negotiations the deal is finalized. And a mutually beneficial contractual agreement is signed by both parties.  

Follow-ups: Even once the deal is done, a sales representative continues to maintain a relationship with the client for future opportunities. Now that we know what a sales process entails, let us consider how Microsoft Dynamics and CMS help with sales.  

Contract Management Software on Microsoft 365

Contracts are the backbone of an optimum sales relationship. A CMS-integrated Dynamics 365 system offers organizations tools and insights to streamline the contract and sales process. With its AI-infused functions, the software enables users to achieve tangible results faster than ever before.  

Organizations can close deals faster when CRM and CMS are handled within an assimilated system. Centralized repositories, automated processes, and real-time updates help the sales team to achieve targets. Apart from improving productivity and efficacy, this integration is a big boost for lead generation and sustenance. Here is how you can utilize Dynamics 365 integrated CMS to enhance sales.   

  1. Eliminate stalled sales 

Organizations invest a lot of time and resources in scoping out leads. Then the next step is to close the deal by signing contracts. But more often than not, the contract management process is time-consuming and chaotic for companies.  

The sales team would have to wait around for finalized contracts from the legal before moving forward with the sales process. These inter-departmental delays can stall the sale. But with an optimized sales and contract management process, there is no scope for the sales process to lose momentum midway. The contract management software enables the sales team to initiate, create, and execute contracts effectively without output from the legal department. When the sales team has complete control over the process and can issue self-service contracts, it naturally improves sales. And at any given time, the sales team has a complete overview of the sales and contract lifecycle. It means they can interfere if there are delays.   

   2. Shared information for qualified leads 

Knowledge is vital for leading a successful business. When the sales team has the entire customer’s history available at their fingertips it will help them to make smarter decisions in the future. In a CMS-integrated Dynamics 365 system, users can easily access crucial contracts and customer data. The sales team can utilize OCR and smart search fields to find the most relevant information about their clients from contracts.  

And from a single platform, they get greater visibility into the customer portfolio for better sales productivity. The sales team can prioritize leads that are close to renewal or expiry. These actionable insights lead to informed targeting. So, with just a quick review of contract data and inform-rich dashboards, the sales team can engage with relevancy. They can help to improve efficiency, productivity, relationships, and ultimately the sales of a company.  

Contract Lifecycle Management Using Microsoft 365 - Free contract webinar

   3. Forecasting for the future 

Contract compliance and performance provide valuable insights into a company's relationship with its clients. With CMS-integrated Dynamics 365, the sales team can use overall performance metrics to gauge customer relationships. 

Moreover, the probability of selling to an existing customer is relatively higher than finding a new lead. The contract and customer history available through the integration will empower the sales team to divert their attention to viable leads. With automated updates for contract renewal and expiry, the sales representatives can reach customers at the right time for new opportunities. 

Using the integrated system can increase upselling and cross-selling for businesses. Cross-selling is selling complementary or related products/services to existing customers. Whereas upselling is encouraging clients to buy a higher-end product/service. This targeted selling by leveraging purchase and contract history can improve sales exponentially. Apart from potential leads, contract history also helps the sales team to identify at-risk clients and steer clear of them. 

   4. Improve customer experience 

Maintaining healthy customer relationships is key to any growing business. Having pertinent customer information handy enables the sales team to provide a tailored experience to the clients. With an integrated CMS and Dynamics 365 system, the users have detailed insight into the various aspects of a customer relationship.  

It helps the organization to maintain a rich and fruitful relationship with all its clients. The sales team can take insights from purchase and contract history to fulfill the demands and needs of the clients. The integrated system can enhance the sales process and create custom solutions for clients. Keeping the customers satisfied can greatly impact an organization’s sales and revenue.  

Also, the CMS-integrated Dynamics 365 system provides automated sales and contract management processes. Through this intuitive automation, the sales team can accelerate the whole operation. It means the customers can save a lot of time while opting for a product or service. Consequently, reduced lifecycle and content customers mean improved sales.  

    5. Empowering the sales team  

Adopting CMS integrated Dynamics 365 gives the sales team more time to connect with the customers. From sourcing a lead to follow-ups, the integrated system aids the users in efficiently managing sales and contracts throughout their lifecycle. The contract management software provides central repositories and pre-established templates to generate sales contracts.  

Consequently, the sales team does not have to invest a lot of time or resources in taking care of the administrative tasks. Thus, the empowered sales team can devote their time and potential to selling. Customers value businesses for providing personalized experiences. With CMS integrated Dynamics 365, the sales team is better equipped to handle one-on-one client relationships. And with greater access to customer portfolio and contract history, the sales team can provide reliable solutions to the clients. With smoother customer relationships there is a higher chance for repeatable sales.  


Improving sales is not limited to lead generation. An organization needs an efficient end-to-end sales process if they want to discover and retain customers. As we have already discussed, the effective management of legal contracts in the course of a sales process can positively affect sales activities. And one of the ways to achieve that is by offering the clients a streamlined contract management process.  

When the contract lifecycle is timely, efficient, and effective, it is far easier to close deals. Consequently, it improves the productivity and sales of an organization. Satisfying experiences and products can make the customers come back more. That is why companies should implement Dynamics 365 integrated CMS system at the earliest for optimum results from their sales team.  

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