The Importance of User Permissions in Contract Management Software

The Importance of User Permissions in Contract Management Software

Setting specified user permissions helps ensure that only the right people can access certain contracts, client data, and related documents at select times.

The security of your contract management system is one of the most important factors of a successful and high performing contracting solution. To ensure that the best security measures are taken, we recommend having a great understanding of user permissions and why user permissions contribute to your software’s security. Contracts include detailed terms that often provide context as to what user permissions are allowed per the contract.

For example, a contract might state that only the contract management admin and a select few are allowed to access the contract data and other related information pertaining to the contract. Traditional contract management modalities required manually enabling or disabling user permissions by making changes to spreadsheets, emails, and other data. This is inherently risky and bound for human error, as changing the accessibility and setting restrictions on decentralized platforms can be tricky.

Besides this, having to oversee a wide range of levels of access within an organization can be a recipe for miscommunication, disjointedness, and risk. However, with the introduction of contract management software, you can increase the security of your organization’s contract management system by instituting standardized user permissions policies and procedures.


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Why are user permissions critical to contract management?

Setting specified user permissions helps ensure that only the right people can access certain contracts, client data, and related documents at select times. Without customized user permissions, you become liable to tampering and having the wrong person access restricted data. With a dedicated contract management software solution, you can risk mitigate and avoid accessibility issues by leveraging the configurable user permissions included within the platform. The best contract management software will make it incredibly easy to define the specific security details within your system. With an array of level-based security options, you can keep your organization’s contract management system in fully secured and in the clear.

In terms of enabling the user permissions for your organization’s contract documents, a contract management software solution will ask the system administrator to enable the user permissions according to various tasks that are associated with data considering contracts, employees, vendors, and much more.


5 Contract-related Processes that User Permissions are Most Often Configured For

  1. Negotiation of contracts
  2. Reviewing contract records
  3. Contract building
  4. Changing contract details
  5. Deletion of contracts


What are the conditions of user permissions?

User permissions features within contract management software offer a way to revolutionize and modernize your organization’s method of managing the security of its contract management system. With level-based user permissions security options, you can easily institute policies and conditions that play a role in how and when specific permissions are implemented.

Consider the three following examples of user permissions conditions that impact contract management:

  1. Assignment of contract type
  2. Quantity of contracts
  3. Status of contracts


How User Permissions Impact the Fine Details of Contract Management

Three specific elements of contract management that are certainly impacted by user permissions include attachments, data fields, and files. The configuration of user permissions can apply to who is allowed to access and make changes to data fields contained in select records. Contract management software allows the administrator to gain insights and control the access of fields, as well as set privileges pertaining to who can and can not view specific attachments. Furthermore, access to such attachments, contracts, files, etc. can be customized an employee-by-employee basis. Your contract management software comes with several security features, one of which allows your administrator to create groups that determine permission levels for teams that outline viewing and editing privileges. In this manner, your contract management department is fully aware of who can do what to which document. Security groups will be clearly defined by contract type, employee, and other related details.


The Role of User Permissions in Contract Management Software Dashboards and Reports

An optimal contract management software solution empowers your system administrator with the power to configure contract-driven reports that will be uploaded according to user permissions. This way, you create clarity in how your business has developed systemization and standardization in terms of how employees and teams can gain access to detailed reporting. Based on the customized user permissions, your software solution can create automatically filtered featured data reports when a specific user selects to view a necessary contract management report.

To illustrate further, say one of your contract management software users is only given permissions to open and read a certain contract type within their department. In this case, the only reports allowed to be viewed by that user will clearly mirror what user permissions are enabled. Your organization won’t need to stress about the wrong contract documents ending up with the wrong person.

Additionally, the administrators of your contract management software can select certain individuals to give access to detailed, user-friendly system dashboards. With these dashboards, your contract management department can stay on track and on task by having all the most current information at their fingertips. Contract management dashboards can help you gain insights on both past and current trends so you can make informed business decisions to achieve objectives. Increase accountability of your employees and stay in the loop of approaching deadlines with your dashboard. As mentioned before, you can create employee groups to assign the dashboards to according to your organization’s needs. These dashboards, along with user permissions, clearly increase the efficiency, visibility, and security of contract management.


Gain the Competitive Advantage Today With Revolutionary User Permissions

The many facilities of the user permissions feature in contract management software as discussed above are simply taste of all that our SharePoint and Office 365-based contract management software solution have to offer to your business. While user permissions controls are an incredibly key to organizational security, the most critical and comprehensive contract management solution is our dedicated software system that centralizes all of your contract management data. We can help you today here at Dock 365.



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